Saturday, March 3, 2012

PeepToe Warehouse Sale!

So here is my haul. Very impressed with all of it, I went with the intention of updating my 'classic' shoes, getting a few neutrals, shoes for work and some nice black going out pairs. I think you'll agree I succeeded.

First up, are my gorgeous new Miss Syro pair in Black. Super sparkly heels :-) SJ thinks they are too much of a 'special' wear, but I am in love with them. These were my most expensive purchase at $119...yes that's right, all the other pairs were less than $100.

A new pair of fancy thongs, Miss Passion in Black/Chalk (for $69 I think...receipt isn't specifically itemised).

Miss Wolseley in Nude Pink ($89)

Miss Diana (a sample design) in the leopard print lining ($79)

Lady Charisma black lace handbag ($49)

Miss Ribbon in Caramel ($75). The first pair of ballet flats and they actually look decent on me for once!

Miss Fern in Black (loving the black lace and zipper detail) ($99)

Miss Muse in Stone ($89 though I think they were actually marked at $49...darn)

Would also have loved to get a new red pair of heels, a lot of jewel tones in there (particularly royal blue) but nothing coloured that really took my interest. Maybe at the next warehouse sale, I'll go with a budget in mind next time (did slightly overspend) but I figure the overtime I'll be working tomorrow will cover some of it...oh also didn't have to go in today, phew!

So if you are in Melbourne, the sale is still on tomorrow. Get your butts down to the St Kilda town hall stat!


  1. Did you happen to notice any white/bridal style shoes there? I'm on the hunt for shoes for my wedding but finding it very difficult! May head down there tomorrow if there's any hope.

    1. Good luck Kim, I hope you find something! I'll join your perfect wedding shoe hunt for sure!

  2. Wow you did well! You must also have a lot of shoe storage at your place if this is the haul from one sale!! :-O

    1. No not really lol. I did cull a few pairs before my last ebay cull and will cull a few more that I'm technically 'replacing'. I use the top section of my wardrobe for shoes...
      this is my current shoe collection
      and them all in their place

  3. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a massive shoe haul! Awesome work Ash :)

    Ended up putting a deposit on 2 dresses after work yesterday because your teaser post got me inspired!

  4. I am jealous!!!! Well done, miss!! They are all gorgeous! x

  5. Great shoes! My favorites are the Miss Ribbon in Caramel. Enjoy them!

  6. Do you know how tempted I am to get my car right now and go?! LOL

  7. Wow, that's a massive shoe spree!

    The pink pair is gorgeous. :)

    The Cat Hag