Wednesday, March 14, 2012

12wbt - Week Four

Not a great week again for me...

Meals - Turkey/cranberry wrap for lunch (repeated a few times over the week) and beef with creamy mustard mushroom sauce...loved the dinner, was very simple but worked well.
Exercise - Determined to start the week well, I was prepared for a heavy cardio session. It was freezing outside though and I knew I would struggle to motivate myself to run. So instead I ran/walked up and down our internal fire stairs. 6 flights, 100 steps about 15 times. I say 15 because I lost count around the 9th time and was just forcing myself to keep going. So 15 is the average of my guess...I listened to an audio book while I did it and I think it helped me more than music, tames my boredom a little more. Will try it again in future :-) so 1500 steps achieved, yay!

Meals - Turkey/cranberry wrap, vegetable stir-fry (the ginger in this one was a bit much for me).
Exercise - PT session with my trainer, worked me hard and I am still seeing weekly improvement there.

Meals  Leftover stirfry for lunch, thai pork salad for dinner, chocolate cake very late (after making it but also trying to stay up super late).
Exercise - Nil. This was the day I was told of my night shift, I went to Ikea after work and got stuck in traffic getting home and tried to stay up late so I would sleep in the next day. Didn't work.

Up to here my week doesn't look so bad, I weighed in at 55.2kg and was happy with my progress...

Meals - Turkey/cranberry wrap, wholemeal penne with roast tomatoes and ricotta...snacks...two small packets of chips, 3 pieces of fruit, apricot pieces, 2 bottles of nudie juice, 1 iced tea, a carob covered macadamia bar, small chocolate mousse...this was my night shift food, I allowed myself to be a little 'bad' because I knew getting through the night was my priority. I don't regret it, but it set a bad tone for the weekend.
Exercise - I actually went for a 4km run/1km walk before I left for work. I managed to run the entire 4km in 23 minutes, a PB for time and a PB for distance since 2009. Pretty happy with that at least.

Meals - To be honest, I barely remember I was in such a daze all day. I ate a pie/pastry thing for lunch at the markets and probably had a snack in the afternoon. I didn't get more than 2 hours sleep in the 36 hour period from Thursday morning so I think that messed me up more than meals. SJ did cook the lamb cutlets (with mushy peas, ricotta and mint) from the meal plan for dinner though.
Exercise - another big zilch. I walked around the markets and managed at least 4 steps into our apartment. No way would my body have allowed me to do anything else (all you nurses out there, you have my sympathy!!)

SATURDAY (with guests)

Meals - We were out all day, for brunch I had a 'big breakfast' type at a cafe but I had poached eggs, only half a piece of toast and gave SJ my bacon. Figure that wasn't too bad. For dinner we were out and I had a pasta I didn't finish and followed it with gelato...
Exercise - Enough city walking to make my feet hurt at the end of the day, but nothing that counts. I have to say I was still rather tired. My original intention had been to do my SSS before we went out for the day...I didn't get up until after 10...

SUNDAY (had guests)
Meals - Big breakfast (eggs on mushrooms basically) as per the meal plan, no real lunch but an early afternoon nutella crepe and tandoori chicken as per the dinner meal plan. I did have some chocolate easter eggs during the day as well.
Exercise - Again, zilch. Ditto above, walked and shopped but nothing that counts.

Would normally finish the weekly wrap-up here, but I feel the need to include the last few days...

MONDAY (had guests)
Meals - Porridge for breakfast, prawn salad for lunch (doing okay so far) then gelato for afternoon tea (not so good), creamy chicken and mushroom boscaiola for dinner (as per the meal plan) and a cupcake for dessert...
Exercise - again, none. We did walk for hours again though through Moomba but I was feeling icky by then end of the day and 4 days of not doing anything!

TUESDAY (had guests)
Meals - Porridge, small wrap for lunch, meal plan lasange for dinner...then shared wedges, slushy drink small icecream at the concert...followed by another icecream at home afterwards.
Exercise - Managed to squeeze in my overdue fitness test after work before I had to race to shower and wash my hair before the concert. Will update those details below.

So that takes us to today, WEDNESDAY. I will discuss my food etc next week for today (and the exercise I have every intention of doing next week) but I will include my weekly weigh-in results from this morning.


A week of no real exercise and having bad food all over the place as cause me to put on half a kilo. Can't say I'm surprised but it has taught me a few things, mainly that it does make a difference. My week wouldn't look too bad if I wasn't doing the 12wbt, it's probably similar to what I would have been doing/eating before, minus a few icecreams plus a bar of chocolate. If I did that every week, after a year I would have put on 25kg that's almost 50% of my current body weight. I can see how it would be so easy to gain weight.

Well no more.

I am recommitting. I may not be able to control how often I exercise, particularly when night shifts and friends visiting get in the way on occasion, but I can definitely control what I eat. I will do better before next week, I won't feel guilty about writing my update post. That I promise you.


Stats update

This week was the fitness test and measurements which I only got around to yesterday

Starting stats are here.
Chest: thankfully this is still 83cm, would hate to lose anything!
Waist: 73cm, 1cm down (though my narrowest bit is unchanged at 66cm)
Hips: 99cm, 3 cm down! Yay!
Thigh: 56cm, 1 cm down
Arms: 28cm, unchanged. Would expect this to change very little as I remove tuckshop lady flab and replace it with muscle
Weight: 55.7kg, down 2.3kg all up thanks to my 'bad' week.
BMI: 21.0

Fitness Test Update
1km time trial...5min flat! cut at least 30 seconds off my starting time
Pushups/min...21 up from 15 last time. My arm is holding up much better than before.
Situp test...still level 5. Don't expect that to change.
Wall sit...41 seconds, I find this one hard for some reason. Still, a 10 second increase on last time.
Flexibilty test...6cm with my right hand, and 4cm with my left. Gained 1cm on each. My left arm is also a fraction straighter now too, not enough to make pushups easier though!

So there you go. I am feeling more determined to make this week a better week after seeing a gain on the scales though. Funny, since the scales aren't supposed to be my motivator, I'm looking for measurements and fitness markers...but I feel like they have beaten me and I want to get even!

Big red flags for me this weekend as we're road tripping it to Canberra, but I think I can handle it.

Wish me luck...


  1. How inspirational
    I just tried on all my jeans and I cant fit into any. I have tried so hard to diet but I am thinking now I need to ramp up the exercise. I am determined not be the fattest bridesmaid at my sisters wedding in MAY ...ekkkkkk not long!

    1. You can do it! Diet is apparently 80% of it, but the exercise definitely helps. I'm sure you'll look great either way :-) Hope the dresses she's chosen don't clash with your hair though!