Wednesday, March 21, 2012

12wbt - Week Five

Finally some decent progress! A 1kg loss recorded this week which I am over the moon about. Makes up for that 0.5kg gain last week!

Sunday afternoon I also decided to start a new challenge for myself, burn 5500 calories between then and the end of the month and I can reward myself with a spray-tan for MissA's engagement party. I have since decided that as it will be in Canberra and probably cold I might wear stockings anyway, so I will have to find another reward if I make it.

I've also been recording my food and water intake better, so you'll notice that from Monday the food part is a little more detailed...

Meals - Porridge, leftover lasagne and grilled stuffed zuchinni for dinner. Loved the stuffed zuchinni!
Exercise - a 6km walk/run. Didn't manage 4km of running before stopping this time though.

Meals - Porridge, tinned soup for lunch and caramlised pork with sweet potato and apples. The pork was incredible! Another one on the long term meal plan. Also had a tiny piece of banana bread that SJ made from old bananas. I used another banana and some frozen berries and yoghurt to make a breakfast smoothie for Friday...
Exercise - Nil. As mentioned in my daily posts, I left work early in preperation for a 4am post on Friday followed by a 7 hour drive to Canberra. I had no time/energy/motivation to exercise, it was a struggle to make it into bed by 8pm as it was.

Meals - Big Food Day. At 3:30am I had my first breakfast, a glass of last night's smoothie. Around 6am I had my second breakfast, piece of toasted banana bread. I snacked on nuts and dried fruit through the morning before having a proper snack of tomato on 9-grain vitawheats around 10am. Left work at midday and had a salmon wrap SJ had brought me in the car for the start of the drive. During the 7 hour drive I snacked on grapes, an apple, some chips (they were organic, special oil cooked ones, limited salt) and a few other things I have forgotten. Arriving in Canberra we then had some chicken thing served by our hosts for dinner. Phew.
Exercise - None. As you can see from above, I was too busy eating...

Meals Tiny serving of yoghurt for pre-workout snack, leftover chicken for lunch, half a Boost juice while shopping then...while waiting for the fireworks, cheese/crackers and chips/dip (not too many!), chicken wrap for dinner and a handful of Almond M&Ms.
Exercise - A BodyAttack class with MissA

Meals -  Half a piece of banana bread for breakfast, followed by a few treats at the bridal expo (they throw food at you at those things!). Straight into the drive home without lunch, roadtrip snacks included grapes and a packet of twisties (bad yes, but easy to eat while driving...). When we got home SJ was finally feeling better and wanted soup, so we cooked up a chicken and vegie broth and ate that.
Exercise - Rest day, but no time for it anyway.

Meals -  Porridge, banana, chicken soup, apple, handful of grapes, beef stir fry, 3 boiled sweets.
Water - 9 glasses (excluding exercise drink bottle comsumption...which I won't ever include).
Exercise - Back on the bike for the first time, 1/2 hour of slow meandering and getting used to it again plus a walk and a few stair runs...250cal

Meals - Muesli and yoghurt, chicken soup, apple, banana, handful of grapes, tiny piece (finger size) of almond bread, sweet potato shepherd's pie, 1/2 square of dark chocolate.
Water - 11 glasses (including 1 of raspberry cordial)
Exercise - 1/2 hour PT Session followed by a run/walk home (about 3kms plus up 7 flights of stairs at the end) while SJ had a one-off session with my trainer...461cals

Which brings us to today's weigh-in. As mentioned above, I lost 1kg this week bringing me down to 54.7kg. I'm very happy with that and am a little surprised as I wasn't as disciplined early in the week as I'd have liked, looking back over it though, it wasn't as bad as I felt.

For my 5500 calorie exercise challenge, I am at 711 calories (well it was only 2 days) so only 4789 to go!

And we're in week 6 of the 12 week body transformation now, so halfway. Hasn't been too bad so far but I haven't had a perfect week yet.


  1. Congratulations! That is an amazing loss. I am trying to get into the groove after my holiday.. I only had a 300gram loss thi sweek but a loss is a loss :) I wish I was 55KG!!hahaha great work x

    1. Well I had a 500g gain last week, so I'm sure your time will come :-)

  2. Well done! It sounds like overall you're doing a good job. Maintaining a fairly good balance of discipline, but not letting it rule your life and still enjoying it! xx

  3. Well done, you are doing really well! I have lost about 4kg in 6 weeks and it is just the best feeling to see the numbers going down! Keep it up :)

    Love the new layout by the way!

  4. Nice work, 1kg drop in a week is impressive! And good luck with the calorie burning, I'm sure you'll do it.

    I like the new layout! x

    1. It's a struggle, I really don't enjoy running haha.

      And thanks, the layout is still to be changed but it will have to wait until the weekend when I can play with it properly :-)

  5. Go you good thing!!! Well done!!!
    I can't wait to see what you achieve in the next 6 weeks!

    Loving the new look!

    1. Thanks :-) I feel more motivated for the next 6 weeks now. Have a wedding at the end of it and I'm looking forward to a reward outfit :-)