Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crepes and Paris

Important things first, this is my new new hair. Much better, don't you think? The hairdresser was really nice about it all (though I think he thought I was crazy when it was such a good colour) a few blonde foils through the front was all it took and I'm super happy with it. Ignore the pimple on my chin and the fact that I am in Coles. It was SJ's birthday yesterday and I took the opportunity to duck into Coles after my appointment to grab some dessert before rushing off to netball...we lost by the way...

Onto the true purpose of this post. Crepes and Paris.

I had this salted caramel crepe (I'm not doing the hat things over the 'e' too hard) in the city after a quick duck into DJs for some new OPI polish (Samoan Sand) during lunch.

I was hurrying along and saw this and literally stopped in my tracks. You see, I recognised it from Cat's Anzac Day Post and knew that it was the provider of incredible crepes. I have a big soft spot for crepes, so versatile...sweet or savoury, crisp yet soft, fancy yet casual (you eat out of cardboard after all) but most of all, they remind me of Paris.

The ONLY food I bought while wandering around Paris were crepes...I feel bad I didn't buy bread or cheese or anything else, but crepes called to me every time.

I ate crepes while walking back to the hotel after an evening at the Moulin Rouge.

I ate crepes while wandering from the Arc De Triomphe along the Champs Elysees.

I ate crepes after exiting the Louvre despite having finished one just before going in.

This is my favourite piece of art in the Louvre too by the way (The Winged Victory of Samothrace). Not very original of me as it is one of the most visited at the Louvre, but hey, it's not the Mona Lisa, right?

I was in Paris in January 2008 as part of that almost 'right of passage' Contiki trip most recent graduates find themselves on. It was winter so it was great and drizzly most of the day.

The horizon was difficult to see from the Eiffel Tower, definitely wasn't the best viewing.

This is from the second floor...from the third, the very top, you were in the clouds...all you could see was grey.

It was a really cold day for a Queensland girl too, temperatures were Min -1 and Max 5. Not that any of that bothered me, I was just so excited to be overseas. Paris was the first place I had been to where English wasn't predominately far my travels had been to New Zealand and London only a few days before.
I loved that everything was in French and that somehow, everything just looked french. See those trees? Don't they look French to you?

My favourite parisian experience by far would have to be a late night trip to the Sacre-Coeur. Another girl and I left the hotel around 11pm and walked the few kilometres to Montmarte. It was a slightly scary experience knowing we were passing through the red light district and definitely looked like tourists (though we were careful not to talk English too loudly when we were feeling uncomfortable).

The midnight views from the top were incredible. It didn't matter that it was still sort of raining, we were in Paris! That's the Notre Dame you can see in the middle there.

And the Eiffel Tower though it is obscured by some trees.

We took a different route back and walked through this bustling square (well it was for midnight on a weeknight), Place du Tetra, where there was a small art shop open. We both bought a little canvas oil artwork which reminds me of that night every time I look at it. Despite owning more expensive and better quality pieces since then (like these) I know I will always treasure it.

And crepes of course, take me back every time.


  1. Your hair looks much better now!

    Those pics are great, sounds like a nice trip. I am yet to see any of Europe!

    1. Thanks and you'll get there, a short trip isn't as expensive as you'd think!

  2. Ahh, crepes!

    Bf and I enjoyed them every day in Paris, Nutella crepes often replacing dinner. Or maybe it was just a very French dinner: crepes, wine and macarons for dessert :)


    1. Oooh I wish I'd had macarons in Paris! Oh well, at least the crepes were great :-) I even had one in Berlin lol

  3. Love the hair!!

    Yum crepes, haven't had them in a while but I am kind of craving them now.
    Haha I laughed at "I loved that everything was in French and that somehow, everything just looked french. See those trees? Don't they look French to you?" because it's true :P everything just looks that much more posh and sophisticated.
    I will definitely have to travel Europe after I graduate! I studied 4 years of French back in high school so we'll see whether any of that vocab/grammar has been retained :P thank you for sharing your pics!

    1. Everything felt more posh, so much better than seeing it all in pictures. I hope you make it over there, if you studied French then you probably had to study the food and culture too, it's exactly like you imagine!

  4. I don't know if I'm more jealous of the fact you got crepes, or went to Paris. Both massively awesome.

    The hair looks good, glad you're happy with it now :)

    1. Both are massively awesome, I'm sure you can at least find crepes somewhere though, right? Paris might be a bit harder...maybe your 1 year wedding anniversary? hehe

  5. YAY! You got crepes!

    Oh, your Paris pictures took me back too. What a wonderful magical city. I remember standing under the Eiffel Tower, ploughing my way through a delicious Nutella & banana crepe. Best.

    Wish I could be back there now!

    PS - hair looks great! :)

    1. Yeah thanks for the idea :-P I can see myself needing to visit it everytime I venture into the city for lunch...might not be the best for my waistline!

      How awesome are all the flavours they have though? I do need to try more anyway I suppose...

  6. your hair looks great and now you have me wanting crepes... mmmmmmmm lol did you see moulin rouge when you were in paris? that was one of my highlights for sure!

    1. Yeah I loved the moulin rouge, food wasn't great but the show was incredible! Loved the dancers and their legs but I loved all the comical bits in between too :-)

  7. you jerk, ruining my happiness in healthy eating hogwash. I WANT A PARISIAN CREPE NOW preferably with a sizable plate of gooey smelly cheese, champagne, a picnic, on a sunny spring day in paris. ggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    i love paris.
    last time we were there we did all of the above under the eiffle at twilight one day. had a glorious playlist on my iphone going and lay in the grass and ate/drank/enjoyed life being still. i miss it.

    loving all your photos chickadeesorry i'm late to see this post! xxx

    1. Don't apologise for being late, I love late comments :-) makes me feel like someone is actually reading my blog :-)

      You might have to venture into the city at some point and get yourself a crepe...I am doing dinner in there tonight before a show, think I might get another one mwahahahaha