Monday, May 28, 2012

The Diamond Club and Great Ocean Road

Before you all get excited, no I am not engaged...The Diamond Club is the name of the 'exclusive' area at Etihad Stadium where I was luck enough to spend last Wednesday evening.

And by 'exclusive' I mean it cost $750 a ticket...
I wore team colours (jerseys were not allowed) and possibly went a little overboard. Maroon leather jacket, black Zara dress with a red scarf around the waist and black tipped Maroon Fiorelli shoes.
I didn't wear the jacket inside, so my support was a little more subdued. Very nice bathrooms where I took this shot, you can see MissC making a cameo in the background.
This was the view from my seat, you actually sit over the edge of the field. Would be an awesome spot for an AFL game where they actually play use the whole field. The glass was only chest high but it kept out the chill.
The food was amazing. It's a 3-course dinner, with only the main as a selection. I chose the herb crusted lamb cutlet with saffron gnocchi. Definitely happy with that one!  The other pic is a mango creme brulee...
And since we won (becoming a habit for Queensland) all-in-all it was a pretty good night :-)
Anyone seen one of these before? it was the clutch my sister brought along. Knuckle duster attached so ti looks like you're wearing rings. I'd love to find one a bit sparklier (the skull isn't my thing). This one was a cheap one from Colette.
On Saturday, SJ and I took Mum and Dad down along the Great Ocean Road. It was a massive day.
Wedgetail Eagle, Koala, Great Ocean Road
Saw heaps of stuff.
The weather was up and down all day. As was my hair.
One big advantage of having Mum around is that she's snap happy, I think I have more photos of SJ and I from the day than I had of us all year. Can't complain though, I want more photos.
Speaking of mum, this is her.

We had a good day, got home very late though.

Yesterday we had a lazy day and enjoyed a drive along Beach Road to the Brighton Bath boxes (which I have taken enough pictures of and it was a gross day) and brunch at Elwood. Then home to watch a few episodes of Downton Abbey (mum is just getting into it) before their flight home.

Feel like I need another weekend now though. Mum was feeling a bit crook yesterday, hope I'm not getting sick...


  1. $750 a ticket?! Wow! You are lucky!

    Looks like the best seats though, and a gorgeous meal. I like the scarf as a belt look, makes it a bit more exciting!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend!

    $750 a ticket!?! Wow!!! I'm guessing work paid?

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. I'll have to do that roadtrip one day. As for the footy... unlike you I am just a commoner and I watched it on TV :( hehehehe looks like a fun night babe xx


    Love the pics! Gorgeous shots of the Great Ocean Road. And lovely pics of you and SJ! ;)

  5. How awesome you were able to experience watching the game in such luxury! I'm jealous :) Love the outfit too!

  6. I love your outfit for the football, very lovely.

  7. Wow, those are some fancy seats indeed! Your team colours outfit is excellent, AFL in style ;)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  8. You are so lucky!! Go the Maroons :)

    You always have such awesome things to go to I am envious of your awesome outtings !! x

  9. Amazing! I *love* your photos. It looks like you had such a wonderful time!

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