Friday, May 4, 2012

More Ombre Nails

My nails were looking a little chipped last night so I decided to freshen them up. Instead of redoing the pink though, I painted over them with some dark reds so now I have Autumn themed Ombre Nails...Orange to Burgandy. What do you think?

I sort of coordinated today's outfit with them. A mustard coloured shirt and a burnt orange woolen shawl.

And my only accessory is my leather banded Citizen watch.

I don't even have two sets of earrings in! I took them out for netball on Wednesday, replaced my diamond studs today but got distracted with packing my jewelery for my trip and forgot to put in proper earrings. Oops.

This is a better shot of my shawl/poncho/wrap thing too. It's basically a giant rectangle with a slit out of it for you to put your head and body. Sounds weird I know but it's super warm and great for the plane.

Which is where I'm off to tonight. Will post short posts from my phone while I'm away but you probably won't hear from me properly until next Wednesday.

Hope you all have a great weekend :-) Brisbane's forecast is Sunny and 25 so I know for sure I will!


  1. I am glad I tried your trick. I matched mine up to this necklace I was wearing and everyone's been complimenting! Enjoy sunny Brisbane!

  2. I like this one better then the last, but liked the last also.. You're nail jobs are always so nice and neat!

    Poncho thing does look very comfy!

    It was a great weekend weather wise here in Brisbane :)

  3. Thanks girls, I was pretty happy with this colouring though my mother/sisters thought I was a bit weird lol. Tried to explain it was a trend but as they hadn't heard of it...oh well.

  4. Great idea for nails! I would try it, but I don't think I have enough colours in the one shade. I was the lucky winner of your Valentine's day giveaway though (thankyou!), and did a lovely feature nail using the colours. It was a hit with my sisters :)