Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The rest of my weekend and purchases...

My current flowers, looked better 5 seconds earlier in the sun...which I obviously missed getting my phone to take a picture of them...

Just a warning, this is a photo heavy post.

SJ and I hit up the markets first thing on Saturday morning. Looks like now they sell kids too cause this guy was carting one around in his shopping trolley. He was cute, I wouldn't mind getting one like him.

After spending all morning at the hairdresser and getting my tan, we went to a fete up the road. Was good fun, brought back primary school memories. We ate fairy floss and played a chocolate toss game...didn't win though.

I love that the leaves have started changing, it's all so pretty at the moment. Can't wait for the last bits of green to disappear.

I was even dressed in Autumn colors (navy shirt, brown kmart jeans and brown boots) and My nails matched. I think I'll do proper Autumn themed nails later this season.

Sunday morning started with a trip to the local farmer's market. Nothing special, just a handful of stalls but the micro-brewery SJ likes was there and we got another six-pack for him. So that should last him another 3-4 months... I wore more Autumn colours, though red is an any season colour in my mind. I'm wearing a daggy Cat in the Hat t shirt that has red detail. I thought it worked.

Was feeling a bit depressed about my tan and my hair so I decided to work out what I was definitely wearing to the wedding next Saturday. This is the blue dress (branded G-Shape...bought from a boutique in the Queen Adelaide building in Sydney if anyone can help me track it down...) with my red heels.

I wasn't sure what I wanted with it, but my black blazer seemed to be the only jacket that worked...and I didn't like the black, gold or red clutches I had...and wow, how wrong and red do my legs look in that last shot! See, I don't think fake tans are for me.

This is the black dress, exactly the same as the blue dress. I loved it so much after buying it that when a friend of a friend went shopping there months later I got them to pick me another one up.

I tried the black dress with a few different jackets but I still wasn't happy. Decided a shopping trip might be in order.

Had to go for a run first, I'm loving my new 2xu jacket (which I bought a while ago but haven't worn much). Makes me feel like a real runner. I had a 10km loop mapped out...but ended up stopping after 6km.

This was where I stopped. That giant wheel?

Yes this one, why it just happens to be at Harbourtown. So I decided I might as well kill two birds and do my shopping now. Thankfully, SJ was out mountain biking and was happy enough to pick me up on the way home so I didn't have to walk with all my purchases.

First up to the plate, is my very first Glasshouse candle. At $40 it was the most expensive thing I bought all day and was a little present to myself. I was feeling rather crappy about my hair and all. Plus it smelt so good.

I don't normally shop at rubi shoes, but there was a '10 for $10' pop up store at Harboutown. So I got all this for $10. Stockings and sock things mostly.

The sock/stocking things aren't bad. Good to wear under pants and boots and the lacy tops are so cute. At $1 a pair I wouldn't care much anyway.

These lace gloves were a part of my hoard too. Not sure I will ever wear them (are they even still in fashion?) but I figure it didn't hurt to have a pair.

Turns out the Diva shop there was also having a 'Buy one get one free' on sale items. I own an awful lot of proper gold jewellry but no 'big' necklaces or fun stuff. Good excuse I thought. This one was $5...

This one was $ free?

Another $5 one.

And another 'free' $5 one. I intend to wear these to the wedding.

This one was $7 but I got it free with a $9 one I purchased...sadly, it is my favourite and I haven't taken a photo of it. No doubt I will wear it soon though...

I picked up this red clutch for $20 at some random bag store. It matches my shoes a lot better than it looks in the photo (thanks flash).

And this white 3/4 cropped jacket. Also intend to wear it at the wedding.

So my wedding outfit now looks like this, what do you think? SJ said I looked very NYC.

Would it be too much to paint my nails Big Apple Red? What about toenails?


  1. Love the wedding outfit. It looks stunning (as do you... you have inspired me to try the 12wk training!)I love the pops of colour, so would probably do either a french polish with a micro-glitter or a nude. Maybe a nude from the OPI dutch collection.

  2. Love the final wedding outfit, definitely the best choice. Also looking at you in that blue dress is killing me! I clearly need to start running.

  3. Ohh love the final outfit!! Perfect! As for the toenails polish, I think nude would be a good option :) xx

  4. The kid at the markets cracked me up... If only we could all have someone pull us along like that...

    The blue dress is amazing, I love the colour.

    The final outfit is smicko! Very good :)

  5. Oh wow ! I love the blue dress and the black dress looks great on you too! YOU MUST be so fit ! I dont even think I could run 500m let alone 6 or 10 K's . I would do nude on your toe nails - OPI something about jaques? Along the lines of that colour scheme? I'd do your nails red and your toe nails the nude colour :) xxx

  6. Thanks girls :-) I ducked out to DJs today and bought OPI Samoan Sand. I liked the van gogh one but it was a bit too similar to Tickle Me France-y. And the Jaques one was probably a bit dark for my skin too. This one seems very skin colour, will post pics once I've used it :-)

  7. The outfit you chose looks perfect! And the tan looks great!

    Ohhh I adore Bordeaux by Glasshouse... Yum Yummmmm.

    1. Yeah it's a great smell...I'm scared to light it too much, don't want to waste it!