Sunday, May 20, 2012

12wbt Finale and My Weekend

Another photo heavy post. As a result I will try to keep my words down. Means short sentences. Which may not be complete. Sorry about that.

Had dinner at Mama Baba in South Yarra last Monday (George Calombaris' place). Food was great. Service was good. It's under a carpark. Weird. You should go though. Dessert was incredible!
Went on a 4WD course for work. Rocked it. Learnt to key-start and climb steep 20 degree hills. Had to sit so close to the steering wheel I almost couldn't get out of the car though...
Went along to the 12 Week Body Transformation Finale Workout on Saturday, 1165 people turned up for the record breaking circuit workout. Massive. Cold. Exhausting.
Met Michelle Bridges (blurry photo, so not my fault!)
Met Marge, Biggest Loser Winner 2012.
Spent a while chatting to the Guinness World Records man, was pretty cool. Funnily, he was as interested in my job as I was in his!
Even trusted me with his special clipboard while he ducked off to the loo. Officially Amazing.
Was in awe of this woman. She is so damn skinny! And incredibly down to earth, exactly as she appears on television. And funny and sweet, didn't get cranky at all. And she was fan-mobbed, big time.
Then I got all dressed up and headed to the Finale Party (without SJ).
This is the blue dress identical to the black one I wore to the last wedding.
And I am currently wearing OPI Samoan Sand on my nails with the Australis Flakie polish on top. Doesn't show up well, but it looks natural with a little twist.
Today we went for a little drive to check out The Block houses in South Melbourne. They look good, finished. All the same except for the doors...
Then we ducked down to the Gasworks Park to see the artwork also featured on the show. More or less depending on the angle.
Took some photos of autumn leaves, trying to find a good photo for our wall. Needs to be portrait and not have silly cars in it.
I wore a cute little blue dress, with navy tights, brown boots and a jumper. Trying to get more into dresses in winter rather than sticking to jeans. Finding it hard though when all my dresses are so summery.
I did feel suited to Autumn though, think it was the boots.
Also trying to wear more accessories. Ones that aren't my regular gold jewelry.
Then we drove up to the Dandenongs where we had lunch at the Olinda Cafe. My braised lamb was much better than SJ's BLT. Luckily for him I am an awesome girlfriend and shared it!
There were lots of pretty leaves up there too.
Finished the day off with a trip to the sweet shop.

And now we're home. I have done no housework at all and my parents and sister are visiting on Wednesday.

Anyone want to come and tidy the apartment for me?

I would love you forever :-)


  1. Love your outfits and I'm also the biggest fan of autumn leaves!!!

  2. I have never been to the finales or work outs... good on you for going and for getting a pic with her! She is amazing!hehehe I am sorry thought not a fan of Margie at all, she is mean spirited and didn't deserve to win purely for that. Mean people shouldn't win. lol.

  3. Looks like a hectic, but awesome fun weekend!

    How interesting do those 12WBT events look?! And that many people at the finale must've been wicked to attend!

    And I LOVE the Dandenongs! Used to go up there all the time, but sadly it's been a while. It's one of my favourite places in the world - many memories there! I love the food at the Deli Platter. Must make a trip soon!

  4. LOL look at you doing the CLAW! :)
    Ok seriously are you going to shoot the person who took that pic of you and Michelle? I would!

    BTW you HAVE lost weight girl! Sure it wasn't pole dancing that helped?

  5. Thanks for the picture of the block terraces!!!
    You are looking really great!

  6. I love that autumn outfit! I need to recreate! But first I will have to dust off my brown boots and find a light grey jumper. You looked like you've had a fantastic weekend!

  7. You have such a tiny waist - I'm so jealous! Gasworks is such a gorgeous park, isn't it? I love your brown boots. I live in them in winter. I so prefer them to black boots.

  8. I just finished the 12wbt too! :D Didn't go to the work out, but I'm regetting it a bit now. It looks fun! I think I might do the next round Lean & Strong program. Hmmm.

  9. looks like you had a great time, and love those heels you got!!

  10. Looks like you had a great weekend! I am currently doing the 12wbt lean and strong program, I hope I get great results. What time was the workout on with Michelle and all those people and what time to did finale party start? I have to travel down to Perth so trying to organise my time :)

    1. Since this last comment just came through my email and I'm not sure when you will check it again, I will reply quickly.

      The workout day started with registration at 9am, the workout itself was from 11-12 but went a bit later. There are sponsor stands etc. around. I would recommend being at the 'location' around 10. So probably landing before 9 if you can manage it.

      The finale party went from 7pm-10pm that same evening.

      Hope that helps :-)

    2. Thanks heaps for that! :)
      Not sure how it works but I'm keen to follow your blog!
      Tash :)