Friday, May 11, 2012

Fake Mother's Day

Since I need to bring you up to date on my weekend...

Friday night flew to Brisbane with SJ, MissH and MissF (sisters and friends of mine also invited to the wedding).

Saturday, spent most of the day at Ikea with MissH and MissF looking at goodies they intended to buy to furnish the house they have just purchased together. I will be visiting them tomorrow to help them put it all together. Don't tell anyone, but MissF didn't know what an Allen Key was...

Which brings me to Sunday. As I obviously won't be in Brisbane again this weekend, my sisters and I decided to celebrate Mother's Day a week early. I shipped SJ off to visit some of his family in Toowoomba and sent (though they went very willingly) MissH and MissF to MovieWorld for the day.
We surprised Mum who assumed only 3 of us were taking her to lunch and the beach (so she had a bikini) and instead all 6 of us (including Dad and Possum) turned up at a boat pier in the back of Surfers Paradise. We had a picnic lunch and snacks all packed away in the boot of Dad's car and had hired a boat for a few hours.

As you can see from the boat above, we hired from and they were really great. My dad has a boat license but we hired a 'restricted' boat, meaning it's bigger than a 'tinnie' but they stop it from going faster than one. It means you can hire one for the day without a boat license.

Mum loved it, says she wants one.
This is us, MissT, Me, Possum, MissE and MissC. Dad is hiding behind the tent.

We drove (is it still driving?) through the Broadwater and stopped for lunch on Wavebreak Island.
I think Possum really enjoyed herself. She used to love sticking her head out car windows until it gave her an eye ulcer.
She was rather exhausted by the end of the day.
And I know pictures of Possum aren't as interesting as pictures of people, but all the other photos I have are obvious bikini shots and I'm not sure they're internet appropriate. This is such a cute picture of her though...
It was definitely a great day out. Beautiful Queensland weather, almost warm enough for swimming (no one but Possum got more than knee deep though) and not windy at all.

 If you're looking for something to do on the coast, I can definitely recommend it. Cost $160 for four hours and gave us plenty of time to get to Wavebreak and back.

Mum loved it. She was so excited to have all of us in one place without boyfriends, something that hasn't happened in a long time (Christmas morning maybe? even then I think we had an extra). Even better, we were all well behaved and there was no arguing all day. Quite an achievement for four daughters I think!


  1. looks like you had so much fun !!!! how cute is the little doggy !My dad has a boat and I have never been on it ! I must one day.

  2. what a fun and thoughtful gift! you guys are blessed to have each other!! I would be giving that dog treats all day long....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if ou can.

  3. Oh wow, looks like you had a wonderful time! And what an awesome surprise for your mum! Aww and lucky puppy, getting to join in all the fun!

  4. What a lovely surprise for your mum. It looks like the most glorious day! And so relaxing :) Your pup is adorable.