Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heston and ModCloth

I told SJ to smile and this ^ is what I got. Oh well, I warned him...on the blog it goes.

I'm going to catch up on my weekend posts when I get more photos, today I decided I will just write about yesterday.

SJ and I went off to see Heston Live at the Regents Theatre after dinner in a lane-way cafe.
And these Ganache Chocolates for dessert. Both mine, he ate his golf ball already.
How gorgeous is the theatre foyer? I had never been before so I was a little excited about the architecture of it all.
Not wearing anything too new, my black dress from here and my leather jacket and shoes from here. Plus a necklace I bought the other weekend...the one I forgot to photograph.

Never fear, I intend to re-wear the outfit out to dinner on Monday night so hopefully I will take some better pictures then.
And this is inside the theatre, still incredibly gorgeous.

On to the show...what can I say, he's an amazing man and you should all be jealous. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who might be googling and attending future shows, but there wasn't a lot of cooking. More Heston talking about the things he has done, and setting up The Fat Duck and sharing his excitement for food. Was great.
This was the most exciting part of the night, that's SJ up on the big screen. He submitted a question into a box in the foyer and was one of three selected to ask it during the show!

He said it's a long time since he's been that nervous.

Heston is an idol of his after all.

His question was 'What is the weirdest piece of non-cooking equipment you have used for cooking?'...there were a few answers, but I remember that he said he has cooked (or attempted to cook) a pig in a jacuzzi and waffles in a sauna.

All in all, a pretty good night out.

In addition to the tickets, I bought SJ two of Heston's books for his birthday. He's thinking he will cook his way through them and blog about it, I'll post a link when/if he does but I'd love it if you commented and made him feel special :-)
When I got home, this was there waiting for me to open it.
The packaging was so cute it made me even more excited about it.
Da-daaah. My new 'You Are Cherry Welcome' dress from ModCloth. I am in love.

I was in such a hurry to try it on, as you can see I am wearing a black bra and black tights with it. Not my intention for future outfit, I plan to wear it with my red PeepToes :-D
It fits really well through the waist and flares out nicely over the hips. My only complaint would be that the bust doesn't sit tight against me, but I'm rather small so that's not surprising.

Nothing a little filling can't fix.
The back has crossover straps. Which now I can see that photo I realise have buttons..hmm would have made it much easier to get on and off last night if I had known...

Can't wait to wear it, I'm thinking the beach wedding I have at Noosa in June?


  1. that dress looks FANTASTIC! I was devastated to see it is out of stock :( i love the ModCloth boxes too x

  2. Wow, I'm so jealous about Heston!! He's definitely an idol of mine too! Speaking of, if SJ blogs his cooking through the books, I'm already signed up to follow :)

    1. He was pretty cool. And SJ's blog should be up within a week or so, I'm kind of excited for him :-)

  3. Such a cute dress, I love their packaging too!

  4. Love the new dress. I have to admit being able to buy clothing from modcloth may just have to be one on my 12WBT goals LOL.

    1. Thank PGATW (phew what a mouthful).
      Make sure you blog about your goals to keep you motivated. Hope you're enjoying the pre-season tasks so far :-)

  5. Wow what a great dress! I love Modcloth but have never bought anything from them because I am worried about sizing. Plus I am trying to save money!

    I would definitely follow SJ's blog if he starts one! :)

    1. Yeah I try to read the reviews and things and look for someone my size. Couldn't resist on this one, I just loved the colours too much :-) Now I can match my blog lol

  6. That dress is adorable! the box is so cute too

  7. cute photos! great purchase from modcloth! lovely dress :)

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