Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Hair

Let me start this post by saying, this will probably be very boring for most of you. My original intention was to post photographs of different hair I have had over the years and get an opinion on what to do. However, I have realised there is barely any difference in the photographs so you will probably think I am insane and I have pretty much decided to start dying my hair again anyway...

This was me at my formal in August 2002. Before any dye jobs and almost how it looks now. I've also been pretty much 'growing it' since I wanted it longer for my formal, so my hair styles are pretty boring over the years as well.
My 21st in October 2006, can't find any earlier photos that show my hair well, but I started getting a few blonde foils through it.
Graduation in February 2007, it didn't take long for my hair to look 'all blonde'. And yes, I am wearing a strapless dress...
My hair wasn't all blonde though, it still had the red/strawberry blonde colour underneath (in Europe, January 2008).
This was MissA's 21st in April 2008, I was probably happiest with my hair here. It was blonde but the red underneath was bright and showed through well.
This was only a few months later in June, but already it's looking too blonde...
By February 2009 I had this, though I like it blonde, it was just too blonde. It got to a point where I wasn't really getting foils, but more just a root touch up...I then had a relationship end only a few days after this photograph was taken and it started a major healthkick and 'change' phase for me. So I decideded to attempt to go natural.
Very difficult to see on such a tiny photograph (October 2009), but I had a great hairdresser who worked less and less foils into my hair so the blonde grew out without looking silly.
This was for a wedding in April 2010 (notice my wedding dress? hehe), I liked my hair quite a bit here as well, it looks all multi-toned and stuff.
This was me at another wedding (wearing the same dress) in May 2011. The blonde grew out a fair way (it's about in line with my chin if you can see that) and my hair looked good when I have my makeup done and the lighting is right...and it's recently been washed.
This is me last month (you might remember this photo). Taken outside and after I had washed and blow dried it, I'm still happy with how my hair looks in this scenario.
It's this one that I don't like (taken a few week's ago at Miss A's engagement). I don't like that the hair on my head now looks so dark and I feel like it's not right for my face.
Particularly in shots like this one. Definite 'blah'.

So I think what I need is a few blond foils, particularly around the face...but I want to be able to tell the hairdresser that I'm after something that won't give me prominent roots as it grows out. Or that the foils won't be hard to match up if I want to get them regularly (so I don't end up all blonde like last time).

Anyone have any thoughts? Or am I being silly when my natural hair colour isn't that terrible and it's taken me quite a while to grow it out...

Ergh. I'd find these decisions so much easier if I had a pixie cut and dye jobs would disappear every few months...


  1. You have such a fabulous smile!

    I vote for more blonde! (but being a blonde I'm slightly biased!) x

  2. That picture of you taken last month looks fab! Love the length. I think blonde suits you more.
    I write this from the hairdressers chair where I am currently getting rid of all of the red out of my hair and going back to a chocolate brown for winter.

  3. I love it more blonde. It suits you better and brings out your pretty eyes

  4. I made an appointment for next Saturday, will keep you posted :-)

  5. I agree, I think the blonde suits you! Can't wait to see the results :)