Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12wbt - Week 8

Another bike photo from Sunday
I'm definitely bored of these updates, luckily there will only be 4 more to go!

I have been slack with my recording so I don't remember what I ate. I'll just talk about it roughly instead...

WEIGH-IN - 54.5kg (last week's)
No exercise but I ate reasonably well. SJ and I had to drive to the other side of town after work so that's my excuse.
Chicken Parmigiana from last week

Again, no exercise (other than riding to/from work) my excuse this time was because I had to pack and organise myself for the trip to Canberra. Again, food was still pretty good.

Carrot sticks and hummus

Again, no exercise. Driving 7 hours to Canberra hindered any attempt I might have made. Food wise I ate well through the early part of the day, good oats breakfast, snacks of carrot and hummus, fruit, and mountain bread chips on the trip...and then went out to Thai for dinner. I tried to be good though, didn't load up my plate with rice, at mostly vegies and seafood and skipped the Pad Thai altogether.
Another of last week's dinners, steak with mushroom sauce and snow peas and beans

I started the day with my mountain biking attempt, had a reasonably light lunch and then ate whatever I liked at the engagement party. It was cocktail so I didn't eat too much, but we made a family recipe cobb loaf and I probably had waaaay too much of that.

If you care, the recipe is a cobb loaf gutted. Then mix a handful of diced bacon, a handful of sliced spring onions, a whole slab of Philadelphia cream cheese, a small tub of sour cream, a can of creamed corn and a few handfuls of grated tasty cheese. Mix it all together, shove it in the cobb, put the 'lid' back on and cook in a mild-moderate oven for 40-60 minutes. It's a bit of guess work (depending on your oven and the cobb size, don't burn the lid!) but the result it amazing! Cook the gutted bread in the last 10 minutes and we frequently add a whole french loaf (sliced) to the bread dipping pile as well.

Hmm no wonder I put on weight this week. I also had chocolate cake...
Another picture from my ride...

Breakfast out, had the classic 'big breakfast' with poached eggs but I gave SJ my beans, bacon and potato. Skipped lunch but had a few Easter eggs. Had my 45km ride (so about 2 hours) then had pizza for dinner followed by more chocolate cake...

Drove the whole way home myself so no exercise (plus it took 8 hours with traffic!) ate well though, we didn't have lunch in favour of our healthy snacks and then had a very light wholemeal pasta for dinner...and some Easter chocolate...

Back to healthy habits again with work, always much easier to avoid the bad stuff. Fruit and carrot/hummus and then off to my PT session. Broke last week's lap record (of 2:03min) to get it down to 1:57! stoked with that. The lap is about 480m (not 500m like I said last week). Also workign on building my upper body strength and slowly (read: really slowly) working towards doing a chin-up.

So far, I have burnt  2750 calories this month, not too bad but I need to step it up to reach 10,000 by April 30.

Which brings me to today, weigh-in day...

I put on 54.6kg

Can't really say I care, I feel so much skinnier and I have muscle definition in most areas of my body (noticed visible calf muscles in a picture from the engagement party). I have to re-do my fitness test and measurements tonight so I'm expecting a few improvements there, if they are drastic I will edit the post so you don't have to wait until next week...since I know you're all dying to hear about it ;-)


  1. Wow, kudos to you for sticking to this! I should do something to start eating healthier regularly, too! xo

    1. Thanks :-) it's definitely helped me to be more consistent with my food choices. Just hope I can keep it up afterwards!

  2. You are doing so well. Good luck with the rest of it and can't wait to see how your fitness has improved :)

    1. Thanks :-) I hope you're looking forward to Round 2 as well. I'll be skipping it, but will be back for Round 3 :-)

  3. Well done, you! 100g gain is nothing, especially with it being a long weekend and all. Fantastic! x

    1. Yeah I wasn't too worried...Did eat a little of my own 'baking' last night though...hehe

  4. I'm not bored of the updates! Love seeing what you're up to fitness/food-wise over the week!

    1. Glad you're not bored :-) I will remember to take more pictures for the next one though :-)