Thursday, April 12, 2012

DIY, Baking and Nails

Please bear with me, this will be another slightly random post.

First off, what do you think of my specially commisioned (on etsy) cartoon? I adore it...well I look cute, what's not to adore? and SJ think it captures an expression I pull. I can't wait to incorporate it into my header but I haven't really had much down time to play on the computer. And I am off to Brisbane for a wedding this weekend so it will have to wait longer...

What have I been busy with?

Admiring SJ's handiwork for one thing.

When he first moved in, he built this bike cave for our bikes. Keeps them safe from rain etc. on the balcony and hidden when we have guests over.

This is what the rest of balcony used to look like.

Our poor herb garden gets smashed by the wind, it's amazing they are still surviving.

So SJ built a 'greenhouse' for them our of leftover clear tarp (the tarp is clear with white reinforcing through it, it looks quite nice in real life).

So now our little plants are all protected :-)

I do a bit of DIY myself, but usually in the cosmetic variety. I scored this brass chest thingy from Inertia in the Free For All thread on VF. It now houses all that 'boy' stuff you would normally keep in a shed, plus a lot of SJ's bike stuff (like extra wheels and things) no longer making my balcony look icky.

I intend to clean it up a bit and stick vinyl black and white checkers all over it (technically an outdoor tile from Bunnings). I will try to get onto that next weekend.

Also, remember these from a few posts ago? My half shelves for our Expedit (yeah yeah so SJ actually made those) and my second Bekvam stool (I put that one together at least!).

Well I got around to painting those at least! The stool in particular has already been invaluable. All my shoes and handbags live in the top of the wardrobe and now I can easily reach them...and keep them tidy!

Which is particularly important when I keep buying more shoes! See all my new PeepToes in their new home? I'm so glad I put photos on the front though. Means I can contemplate which ones to pull out before I climb up there!

While we're still in my room, this is my bed. I posted photos of my aparment ages ago (before anyone read my blog) but the bedroom was super boring. Now it has the quilt that SJ's mother made him for his 21st on it. Not really my style (I am so NOT a handmade quilt person) but it at least fits with my colour scheme :-)

Last night I was also busy with some baking, we have 4 new people (all temp contracts) in my group at work so we decided to have a morning tea to celebrate. Cue some late night baking.

Though I made Rocky Road and Marshmallow/Apricot Roll so no actual baking was required. Or really any exact measuring, just the way I like my cooking! I made these recipes with some young cousins at Christmas, definitely easy for kids. The only 'cooking' is melting chocolate.

So not on the 12wbt eating plan!

Apricot/Marshmallow Roll - crush half a packet of morning coffee/similar biscuits. Cut up marshmallows (about 60g or half a cereal bowl full) and apricots (about 125g or half a normal pack) and mix into biscuit crumbs with a big handful of slivered almonds (about 1/3 of a little pack). Add half a can of condensed milk. Mix well. Spread desicated coconut over a sheet of baking paper. Put mixture on it and attempt to create one large log*. Refridgerate and cut into thick slices when firm.

*if you fail at making a log, it is perfectly acceptable to make 'Apricot/Marshmallow BALLS' simply make little rum ball sized ones and roll into coconut.

Rocky Road - cut up marshmallows (1 pack 250-300g) and raspberry lollies (2 packs) and mix with 1/3 pack of slivered almonds. Melt 2 packs of milk chocolate melts and mix it altogether. Spread into tray. Put in fridge. Take out and leave until soft enough to cut into pieces. Add more of less of the ingredients as you desire :-)

Went down a treat at morning tea and I have saved half of each batch to freeze and bring next time. So long as SJ hasn't eaten it all today...

Last night I also painted my nails (right after cooking and before washing up was required...meant SJ had to do it..oops haha). I was trialing two colours for the wedding this weekend so I painted them as 'nail art' over the stick on nail polish I was already wearing.

The colour on the left is Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow' the one on the right is 'Love her Madly'. Can you tell the difference? I'm finding it hard too.

Dodgy photo with flash helps. I think I like Cherries in the Snow (left) better. Will paint them properly tonight :-)
I also bought stick on nail polish (do they have an official name?!?) in a houndstooth print which I can't wait to wear with these shoes...

Can you belive that tomorrow is Friday already?

Oh and I am getting dangerously close to 100 followers, almost time for another giveaway. Anything anyone wants to see? I'm thinking of hunting down a Revlon Lip Butter for myself, maybe I should grab a few extras...


  1. Oh, I love the cartoon you! It does look like you! Who did it for you? Is it the same girl that did Mez's header?

    I love your nails, so pretty! I think the stick on nails are called strips? Not sure haha.

    And having photos of your shoes on the boxes is a brilliant idea!


    PS. Have fun in good old Brissy - getting a bit chilly here!

    1. I have no idea who made Mez's cartoon, but mine was made by mogencreative
      She was really great to work with, super quick and happy to make changes etc. before it was finalised :-)

      And Brisbane was lovely, but yes, colder than it usually is (still 1 degree warmer than Melbourne!) rained for the wedding though :-(

  2. Love the cartoon! Gotta love Etsy.

    1. Yeah it's great :-) I'm thinking of getting more done of family members and things lol.

  3. The cartoon you is so good :) I like! I'm in the process of getting a new header from Etzy... I want a cartoon me! You have inspired me!

    You're appartment is really nice, huge balcony I'm impressed!

    Where is the wedding held at this weekend? It's nice and rainy here this weekend :(

    1. As I mentioned above, She was great to work with!

      Wedding was in Sunshine Coast Hinterland, will post on it soon :-)

  4. OH how cute is cartoon you?!

    And how clever is SJ with all his handy work?! Liam is a big DIY fiend as well, and loves to get stuck into a project!

    YUM at all those yummy sweets! I love work morning teas, but always end up picking at the food throughout the day and eating too much! Haha


    1. SJ's just finished another one, will have to post on it soon too :-)

  5. Loving the size of your balcony and your shoe collection. Your morning tea creation looks very yummy !!!


    1. Thanks B :-) The balcony is the best part of the apartment...and probably the size of the rest of it lol.

  6. I finally got around to reading this post and I looove the cartoon and the idea to put photos on your shoe boxes- so clever!