Monday, April 23, 2012

another big weekend

Well Saturday wasn't a particularly 'big' day. SJ and I rode out to Brighton again.

Stopping for ice creams at Elwood on the way back. And then a quick stop at Bunnings in Port Melbourne for a few things I needed for my DIY projects.

Remember this chest from last weekend's post?

Well this is what it looks like now. Took me hours!

I definitely think the end result was worth the effort. Cutting around the latches and handles and things was a bit of a pain. We will now use it as a table top for our BabyQ and for entertaining as well as storage.
I also attached these latches to the greenhouse.
And 'installed' these solar lights.

They're not particularly bright, but will be useful when we get herbs in the dark. Plus they look pretty :-)

I also painted my new clothes 'a-frame'* that SJ made me and recoated my crochery shelves.

*the a-frame is so I have someone to leave 'tomorrow's' clothes without putting them on the floor. No room for a chair and I didn't want to hang hooks. The a-frame leans agains the wall and allows me to hang stuff all over it without making such a mess.

And while I was in domestic goddess mode, I also whipped up these apples stuffed with Mars Bars ready for dessert. We had a friend over (SJ made chicken pie) and they are the perfect fancy but simple dessert (served with honeycomb and caramel icecream)...
Having someone over to dinner meant I could dress up a little. I wore my Zara skater dress again (this one) and my MAC Lady Danger. Didn't have a chance to wash my hair after my DIY efforts or bother with too much other makeup, I figure the lips are enough of a focus you wouldn't notice anyway.
Can you tell I'm getting more comfortable with posing and self-shots? 
Posing with my a-frame...
Posing with my box...

More a shot for my own reference, when I see my hair in photos it's much longer than I feel like it is. It's also quite easy to see here the blonde that is growing out, and the redder coloured roots.


This is what I"m wearing today. Navy pants, cream shoes and shirt and a red jacket. All of which I have worn at some point on here before (I think). The coach bag over my shoulder is new though, I'll post a proper picture tomorrow :-)

And ignore how tired I look. Very late night (no nothing exciting, a bike race SJ wanted to watch) and a 7:30am breakfast meeting will do that..especialy when you don't get up until just before 7...

Most exciting part of today? I placed another MooGoo order. I am close to running out of Anti-Ageing and I am giving their Shampoo, Conditioner, Vitamin C Serum and Rosehip Oil a go.

Have just remembered though that I did need more Skin Milk...darn...


  1. Heyyyy I was at Port Melbourne Bunnings too!!! hehe. I was there at about 12:30, what about you??

    The box looks pretty neato!

    1. I was there just before 5pm, if you were there you would have noticed me for sure. I went back and forth up the shop trying to work out the layout and find the vinyl tiles I knew they bike

  2. Omg how do you make Mars Bar apples?! They look amazing!

  3. apples stuffed with mars bars OMG YUM!!!

    That chest is amazing!!! WELL DONE!


  4. I am so impressed with your DIY skills, and as for the Mars bar apples, you have blown my mind....never would i have thought of such a combination

  5. Your so talented! The box is so good... and the light "installation" is cute!!

  6. You will all be happy to know I have included the very complicated Apple Mars Bar recipe in today's post :-)

  7. Your hair is gorgeous. I'm so jealous. Love all your DIY jobs :) The chest looks great. I've been using moogoo anti ageing day cream and loving it. Although it's a bit thick for me, so I thin it down with a few drops of rosewater.

    1. Thanks Kiki. I love the anti ageing, my skin must be dry compared to yours cause I find it fine. Looking forward to trying out the serum!

  8. Oh YES, the Moo Goo Udder Cream was in your giveaway!! That stuff is awesome. I had never heard of them before. I've since bought some of their lip balms, and deodorant.