Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Yes I know, it is already Tuesday night so I am a little late. I started to get sick on Sunday before leaving Brisbane, sore throat, headache/dizziness, super tired. Dragged myself to work yesterday but I barely had the brain power to do my work, let alone blog or catch up on blogs. Spent to day in bed and I am feeling better now. Caught up on most of my blog reads and the forum so now I am ready to post...

Worked off my morning tea on Thursday with a ride to Williamstown after work. Also figure it meant I could eat whatever at the wedding too...right?

And covered me for lunch out with my work group on Friday? We went to The Boatbuilder's Yard at South Wharf.

And this is the contents of my Priceline gift with purchase bag. I gave SJ the loofa, packed the makeup wipes, new makeup sponge and the random eye liners for the weekend. I also gave the illuminator a try (think it makes me look orange though). Kept the tweezers and one of the nail art things and dropped the rest into a box I have in the spare room full of unwanted and unused beauty products I have to get around to photographing and getting rid off.

Plus a giant suitcase and some random clothes I still want to ebay...a job for next weekend.
The wedding was lovely. It was held at a place called Flaxton Gardens, inland from the Sunshine Coast (and a 2 hour drive from my parent's place). SJ and I stopped in to visit a few people on the way up (on was my friend I've been postcarding..she's doing well and even has some fuzz on her head).

The photo above shows the gorgeous bride and one of the bridesmaids. I don't want to show a photo with more detail out of respect etc. but she wore a vintage inspired number, strapless with a lace cropped jacket (which she removed for the reception). The bridesmaids wore a floral dress (it's a dusty rose with darker rose and violet flowers on it).

The view you can see is where they were SUPPOSED to exchange their vows. Sadly, a call had to be made at 10am whether to hold the ceremony indoors (in a place called the Barrel Room) or outdoors. It was raining a bit then, so indoors it was. Still raining a little when the bride arrived, but as soon as they were officially married the sun came out. Silver lining being that at least all their photos could be taken in the sunshine and outdoors.

This is SJ and I. You'll have to excuse his hair, must have been the only stage in the night it was parted like that...he had a hair cut yesterday and it's all short now :-)

It was colder than I was expecting so I am glad I took a jacket. I managed to do without it for the reception though...which was held in a giant converted barn type thing. Got super cold when someone left the doors open though...

And the simple but beautiful table decorations. The bride made all the bits and pieces herself and there was a lot of hessian. The centre piece is an orchid which I should really have included in the picture. The bonbonaires were little hessian bags (which the bride sewed herself) filled with salted nuts for the men and a hot chocolate spoon thing for the women (you know the ones? a lump of chocolate and a marshmallow on the end of the spoon).

Then Sunday I spent the day at home chilling with my mum. Most of it on a couch complaining that I thought I was getting sick. Eating some of the family Easter chocolate and my mother's cooking. I then slept for most of the flight home (and I hate sleeping on planes).

Oh, I also finally got my souvenir presents from my parents' and sister's trip to the US in February. I'll write a separate post on it...includes a diamond ring and two Coach bags so I think it deserves that ;-)


  1. You look lovely! Sounds like a nice wedding. The bonbonaires sound really creative. I was sick from Sunday onwards as well. Must be that time of year!

    Oh and I like the new blog layout.
    x Eve

    1. Thanks :-) I haven't got around to including my new cartoon yet either.

      And yes, it's that time of year :-(

  2. You looked lovely and the view was just stunning, pity about them having to change the plan and have the ceremony indoors!

    Glad you are feeling better! xx

  3. You look so pretty at the wedding :)
    It's a shame it had to rain for them... But does mean good luck for them so there's some good out of it!

    Ohh make sure you let us know when you decide to sell clothes on ebay so I can have a squiz, love your clothes!

    Good to hear you are feeling better

    1. I'll post a link when I list stuff, can't guarantee quality though, I only get rid of stuff that I don't wear!

  4. The wedding looks beautiful and you again look pretty at it! Glad you're feeling better xx

  5. Boo for being sick! Glad to hear you're feeling better though!

    Friday's lunch looks yum! And love the wedding pics! xx

  6. Oh I know that place.. I took my BFF up there for a 'high tea' a couple of days before her wedding as a 'stress free' get-away and we said it would be the perfect venue for a wedding up there!
    Pitty about the rain but at least the sun ended up coming out!