Wednesday, April 18, 2012

12wbt - Week 9

Love these tights!

Getting very close to the end now, only 3 weeks to go!

I finally got around to redoing my measurements (but still haven't redone my fitness test) but I won't post them until the end...hehe

WEIGH-IN - 54.6kg (last week's)
Rode to/from work and then ran 2km to the shops to buy ingredients for my work morning tea. Walked home while on the phone to my mum.
Looking towards Melbourne from Williamstown

Ate badly with the work morning tea, too much of my own cooking! Made up for it with a ride after work to Williamstown, giving me 35km of riding for the day. Ate much better for dinner...

Thursday's Stir Fry
SJ and I got up at 5:20am to partake in the 6am Bikram Yoga class up the road. It was only my third ever class (I only did 2 while I had that 10 day pass back in February) but I think I/we handled it well. Then I went out for a work lunch (pic in yesterday's post) but ate well for dinner.

No exercise and random eating. I ate reasonably well during the day (eggs for breakfast, small sandwich for lunch) and then ate the incredible food at the wedding.

I had intentions of using the morning and cooler Brisbane weather (weird, right?) to go for a run along my old 5km route just to see how much faster I was, but I started to feel really crappy during the day. Spent the afternoon crashed on the no exercise for me. Since I was in one of those moods, I ate whatever I liked as well. Which didn't mean more than a handful of Easter chocolate (how good are the candy covered eggs?) and a bit of icecream...and a fresh blueberry muffin...felt like such a rebel though. Also shared some of SJ's Red Rooster chips at the airport before we got on the plane...okay, so I ate half the packet...

Rode to/from work and probably shouldn't have. Ate reasonably well, little bit of chocolate again at home...darn my mother giving us 'gifts'!

Spent the entire day on the couch. Literally. I got up in the morning to use the bathroom, ended up on the couch and didn't move. SJ brought me food :-) probably meant I ate better than I would have if I could have moved, chocolate would have been much easier to come across...

So that brings me to this morning's weigh-in, it was the same again, 54.6kg. Since I ate reasonably 'badly' over the weekend and haven't exercised properly since Thursday's ride, I'm more than happy with that. I'm not really expecting to lose much more, under 54 would be nice but I'm basically in maintenance mode now.

I've also 'forgotten' about my 10,000 calorie challenge. I don't wear my heart rate monitor on long rides as I find it annoying, so I'd be guessing and that feels like cheating.

Onto my measurements...

This was Week 1...Week 4...and Week 9/10.

Chest: 83cm...83cm...83cm (so glad this isn't changing)
Hips: 102cm...99cm...97cm...going, but too slowly!
Waist (belly button): 74..73....68! I am in shock, I though my waist was small enough. I also measured my 'smallest point' which used to be 66cm and is now 64cm....I have lost more from my waist than my hips!!!!!
Thigh: 57..56..54...getting there
Arms: 28..28..28..not changing, but more toned than they used to be.

So there you have it, I've seen some pretty decent results over the last 9/10 weeks. Still a few more to go and I'm hoping the 'end' motivation will help me hit the last 3 weeks extra hard.

As I have mentioned before, I have a wedding on the final weekend of the 12 weeks. One of my good friends and an ex boyfriend (we were together over 2 years, but it's a cultural difference thing...I'll post more on that later) so it's extra important I look hot. Still not sure what I'm wearing but I'd love to wear my new red shoes, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know!


  1. Tiny waist!!!

    What about a figure hugging LBD -

  2. I have no clothing suggestions for you, but well done on your progress! I'm pretty sure if I was doing this I'd have given up halfway through the first week ;)

  3. Wow, I totally got stopped at the 35km worth of riding in one day... You are so commited!! And very good :)

    You are doing so well, with only 3 weeks to go, and I don't really think you have much left to loose you are so tiny you will fade away!

    No suggestions on dresses, but you'll look hot in whatever you decide on ;)

  4. Wow, you are doing so well! I agree that a LBD is always a good option... and would look hot with red shoes!!

  5. I agree with the LBD and that you have to look smokin'! Although, you seem to do this pretty easily :)

    Great results hun.. I gained 100grams this week because like you I didn't exercise and ate chocolate, but i'm still getting there :)

  6. Okay, LBD seems to be the vote. I have one I will 'showcase' for you. Also have it in blue which might make more of a statement with the red heels. Tried it one for SJ and he thinks it's hot but not too slutty for a muslim wedding...guess that's good.