Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My family went to the US and got me...

These new Raybans. The coolest part?

They fold up! Perfect size for tiny handbags. Speaking of handbags...

I got this black fabric Coach bag...
And this cream patent leather Coach bag (spoilt much?).

A nice blue Polo shirt...without a yucky collar...

SJ and I got matching mugs from Disneyland...

And I was super spoilt with this diamond ring. Terrible shot of it but you'll have to deal as I am lazy and use my mobile phone for most of my photos. Trust me though, it's very pretty and sparkly. Has 4 small square cute stones...and cost less than you'd assume. Mum has a new favourite jeweller (who she visited based on recommendations) in LA.

Also, some of you asked yesterday about the recipe for baked apples stuffed with Mars Bars...it's really complicated, are you ready?

  • Take an apple (green works best), core it. Then stuff it with Mars Bars...I usually use the fun sized ones and slice them so they stuff easier but any will work.
  • IMPORTANT STEP - prick the apple skin a few times in a few places with a fork...this is so it doesn't explode on you.
  • Then drizzle the top with honey or maple syrup for extra calories.
  • Then bake in a moderate oven (180 degrees) for around 40-50minutes.
  • Then serve with a big scoop of icecream.

See? I warned you, you need some major cooking skills for this one!


  1. Whoa nice pressies, especially the sunnies! I'm gonna try those apple thingies.. apple is a fruit, fruit is healthy so it's all good. I'll just ignore the chocolate part

  2. yummmmmm i'm soooo going to do those apples! As for the presents, you are mega spoilt! Those raybans are soo cool xx

  3. Wow, I love the sunglasses! What a cool feature - my sunglasses case is huge and takes up so much room in my handbag so maybe I will need to get on board with this fold-up business.

    I am definitely going to action Mars Bar apples at some point in the near future. Will keep you posted, thanks for the recipe! xx

  4. Oooh my friend has those sunglasses and they were perfect for travelling !
    I will also try those apples one day
    and I LOVE LOVE the case you covered !

  5. Hello spoilt!
    Love the glasses, such a good idea!

    The ring is very pretty I'm sure it's something you will treasure :)

  6. I'm a bit behind with replying to comments, but thanks you all for taking the time :-)

    The apples are awesome trust me.

    And I plan to wear the sunnies out too! hehe