Wednesday, April 4, 2012

12wbt - Week 7

I'm getting bored of these updates and it's late, so I will try to be brief.

WEIGH-IN - 54.5kg (last week's)
Food - Porridge, turkey/cranberry wrap, apple and dinner as in this post
Water - 7 glasses pluse 2 lemon/lime/bitters
Exercise - Ride to/from work 200 cal (5500 challenge total = 3677)


Food - Porridge, handful of fruit and crackers at work morning tea, Nandos wrap, apple, indian chickpea soup and a slice of bread.
Water - 6 glasses
Exercise - Nil


Food - Porridge, handful of fruit and crackers at work morning tea, indian chickpea soup + bread, Maggie Bear icecream (Burnt fig, caramel and honeycomb..yum! but only a little I swear!), 'not so naughty' nachos made with baked mountain bread.
Water - 6 glasses
Exercise - Walk home from work (via Errol Street shops, almost 5km) - 400 cal, total 4077


Food - Porridge, banana, few lollies (while riding), nachos, meatballs for dinner
Water - 7 glasses
Exercise - 50km ride to Brighton (above picture) - around 1300 5377

So I ALMOST made the 5500 challenge, pretty happy with that though, it wouldn't have taken too much more but the ride was really all I could manage on Saturday.

Starting a new 10,000 calorie challenge for the month of April...

Food - Porridge, fruit, prawn/feta pizza, chicken parmigiana (from 12wbt recipes)
Water - 6 glasses
Exercise - Nil

Food - Porridge, chicken soup, apple, orange, chicken/broccolini laksa
Water - 7 glasses
Exercise - Ride to/from work, 5km run (new PB of 29:03 minutes!!!) - 450 calories

Food - Porridge, chicken soup, stir fried vegetables, apple, orange, beef/mushroom/beans
Water - 7 glasses
Exercise - Ride to/from work, 30 min PT session (another PB of 500m sprint in 2:03 min) - 500 calories

So that's where I'm at. Same weight this morning but I'm not too worried about that, I'm definitely stronger and fitter and it's really starting to show.

Major red flags over the weekend, as you'd expect being Easter but I will do my best without being too strict on myself. We're off to Canberra on Friday for my best friend's engagement party on the Saturday night.

Expect some mobile posts :-)

Oh and a quick elbow dislocation update, I have my last physio session on Tuesday. My elbow is
almost straight. I can't lock it but my right elbow hyper extends so I may never be able to. Still working on it though. Next goal, 1 chin-up!

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