Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Long Weekend (in a Long Post)

We hit the road around 7am on Friday, managing to miss most of the traffic. Was a great day, rather a shame to be stuck in a car for 7 hours...

Helped tidy the house/yard a little once we got there, and put together some of the food etc. then it was off to a Thai restaurant for dinner. Dodgy photo as I think my photographer stuck his finger over the lens/flash...

Saturday morning, I went MOUNTAIN BIKING. Sorry, capitals were definitely required for that one. It was my first ever attempt and I did it on my cross bike (which isn't as good/easy as a mountain bike). Only attempted a beginner trail and had to walk plenty of obstacles (particularly steep downhills) but I was happy with my efforts. SJ told me he was proud (and that makes it worthwhile...).

I left SJ to the more extreme trails and raced back to MissA's so I could join them for a trip to their chosen ceremony/reception venues. This is the (non-demoninational) chapel they are getting married in, how cute is it? Love. The reception will be held nearby in a great function centre. Only 18 months to go..

Then it was back to the house to get it ready for the party. We decorated with a tonne of purple and silver helium balloons. Now some people may think it's tacky, but I don't believe you can ever have too many balloons.

Then we had to get ourselves ready. MissA wanted photos of the process and the night and asked SJ to be the photographer for her. He invaded my space a little wanting a photo of me applying eye makeup with my mouth open...can it be done any other way??

This was me all ready. I wore my new Portman's dress with my new mushroom PeepToes. And all the accessories from Thursday's post, didn't get any photos of those up close though.

Here I am with MissA. She doesn't know I blog (I should probably tell her before I divulge too many wedding plans though) and I don't have her permission to show her face. But I thought she looked awesome and I wanted to share [EDIT - MissA now knows about the blog and I have permission to do as I please].

Particularly this photo. She just looks so happy! For completeness, she is wearing a navy Review dress (it has circle shaped ruffles around the bottom, rather '20s style) and sparkly silver PeepToes. She was late to her own party though as her hair (styled by a friend) took a while...

And here I am with SJ. This is one of few photos we have where he looks better than me, he's normally got his eyes closed or has forgotten to smile. I appear to be looking through the photographer...

And some photos of how the yard looked just before the party started, the balloons are much more subtle and less 'kid's party' in the dark with fairy lights.

Everyone had a great night and the food was incredible (her parents know how to host, that's for sure).

The next day we went out for brunch (Easter Sunday) and I gave my MAC Lady Danger a whirl. With my black leather jacket and black jeans I was feeling a bit 'Sandy'...without the perm.

The Sally Hansen stick on nail art thingys I applied on Thursday were still going strong. I had my first chip on Monday (from the cuticle side, it was the first one I applied and probably dogily) and today I chipped another one, but I got my nail caught in something and actual nail went off with the polish. So all in all, I've been pretty happy with them and can't wait to wear the houndstooth ones I bought.

Back at the house, the happy couple opened all their gifts from the evening. Definitely spoilt!

Late afternoon, SJ went mountain biking again and I took myself on a 45km ride from the house around Lake Burley Griffin. Was rather lovely and there were lots of people/families out celebrating Easter and generally running amok. Was a nice circuit too, I'll be sure to do it again next time I take a bike to Canberra.

This is me halfway through my ride. Looking very stylish...at least I don't have a red face :-)

And now it's another working week. Thankfully only 4 days long.

SJ and I are off to Brisbane this weekend for (another) wedding. So expect an outfit planning post this week, plus a post on wearing real fur (oooh controversial!) and I'll dive into the history box (read: Olde Facebook Photos) to get your opinion on whether I should get my hair dyed again. Oh and the cartoon version of me has been finalised, now I just need to turn it into a blog header. Stay tuned!


  1. That Portmans dress is so pretty! You look lovely :)

  2. You looked gorgeous at the e-party!

    Good work on all the riding!

  3. What a fun weekend, and you look stunning in the Portmans dress! Well done on mountain biking, I find it so scary!!

  4. What a great weekend. I really love your portmans dress. Good work on your first mountain bike ride, I went last year with my partner and it was so scary I screamed the entire time haha!

  5. I love that dress! You looked gorgeous, and so did Miss A! (I would recommend asking her permission for posting her photo, though. If I found out someone put a photo of me somewhere online where strangers would see it and I didn't know I would be pretty annoyed. That's just me though.)

    Good on you for mountain biking as well, I could never do it. I am super clumsy on my bike just riding down the road! xx

  6. You looked great! Good work on the mountain biking, I'm not sure I'd ever have the courage!

  7. You all looked fab. 45km bike ride? My new hero.

    TDM xx

  8. Great photos! Dress looked fab! x

    I think with things like Facebook etc these days, photos are not such a big issue. I mean, people plaster photos of other people all over Facebook where everyone can see (friends of friends of friends!) so... blogging is relatively similar, no? But just to be on the safe side, I still censor people out. I can't exactly ask permission either, since only two people know that I blog!

  9. I concur, the Portmans dress is lovely on you! And I really like your bike top. I love white, looks great on you also :)

  10. Thank you all for your comments, yes MTBing (see using the lingo already) was scary, no screaming but a lot of hesitation.

    I have also now told MissA of this blog, got her permission to post photos of her (so long as they are good ones haha) and she spent most of last night reading her way through my posts (already up to March this year!)

    Looks like I scored a new reader :-D

  11. Loving the new look of your blog! Did you do all that yourself?

    1. I did Jess, glad you like it :-) I mucked around in Paint.NET and drew lots of things on paper lol

  12. You look amazing in the red dress and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair... Ohhhh to have a mane like yours would be amazing !

    1. Thanks Soph :-) I love the colour of yours, I wish I could go that dark. I'll do a big post on my hair soon :-) hehe

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