Wednesday, April 25, 2012

12wbt - Week 10

Do you like my bathroom scales? $14.99 from Ikea (excuse the fact that they need a clean). I love having a practical clock in the bathroom as well.

WEIGH-IN - 54.6kg (last week's)
I rode to work and probably shouldn't have, my body was still in recovery mode from being sick. Still ate rather cleanly though.

Again, rode to work. Feeling a little better but still worn down. Ate well all day and then enjoyed icecream (Maggie Beer, Burnt Fig, Honeycomb and Caramel...hard to say no) to celebrate SJ getting his final printed version of his thesis.

Didn't ride to work but wandered the shops afterwards. Ate well again, I think eating less and better is a habit I am in now. Eating bad is a conscious choice.

50km bike ride with SJ, I hate a little worse than usual during the day as I enjoyed a few lollies during the ride (for energy) and a soft serve ice cream...ate well for dinner though (had the meal meant for Sunday in the 12wbt eating plan).

Super busy all day with my DIY and cleaning bits and pieces. No official exercise, but I didn't stop moving and I think that makes a huge difference. Skipped lunch in favour of being busy and snacking on fruit during the day so I didn't feel too guilty consuming my chicken pie (with a butter filled short crust) and Mars Bar stuffed apples with ice cream. SJ and I were then up until 1:30am watching a bike race on TV. Well I slept for most of it, but I was still tired the next morning...

I had a breakfast meeting at a hotel with a buffet spread...I was reasonably good though. One small hash brown and a tiny bit of bacon, some mushrooms and a poached egg on toast...and a mini chocolate muffin to enjoy later in the day. I have been eating soup for lunch at work most days which means I have more of an allowance for 'bad' stuff.

Drove to work and skipped out on the exercise, again. I'm not being particularly consistent, but it was raining and not great for riding to work. I ate really well again (though I had leftover pie rather than soup).

Which brings me to today's weigh-in...


One of my best weeks yet.

I think the changes I have been making to eating has really helped there, I have been making less of a 'deal' of lunches and usually have soup without bread. I also don't snack as much as I used to, particularly not mindless snacking (like grabbing a few grapes from the fridge when I walk past).

I'm also getting much better on my bike, riding more often (even short distances) is improving my skills and confidence dramatically. I feel a little guilty that I haven't run in a while and am planning to get back into that soon. It will be hard over winter to keep a running habit going though I'm sure.

My mother has also been inspired lately to get on her bike (it was bought only last year). She has been running on her treadmill a little and eating really well but still not losing much weight (she's under 70kg though so doesn't need to lose much). She and dad rode 21km on the weekend and I've just been informed rode another 21km today. I'm so proud of her, I think developing healthy habits and getting into exercise when you're 50+ is a lot harder than starting these things when you're in your 20s.

Has anyone else started some healthy habits lately? I'd love to hear about them. I would like to start compiling tips and tricks somewhere on this blog, so stay tuned :-)


  1. I love your scales!
    I had to have a second look when you said they were scales, I thought it was just a clock!!

    1. I know, I'd seen them in Ikea before in the scales section and still not realised! I adore them.

  2. congrats! That is an awesome loss hun, just be careful when you cut out snacking that you still get up to the 1000cals, otherwise your body will freak out and store fat.

  3. Those scales are so cute! What a great idea.

    Congrats on the weight loss/getting fitter. I'm attempting to get a bit healthier, but I have no idea where to start in regards to eating! Soup for lunch sounds like a really good idea. I'm not trying to lose weight, I just want to get into better habits.

    Really enjoying your blog :)

    1. Thanks :-)

      As for where to start, make one change each week is normally a good idea. My tips from what I've learnt would be portion control (esp at dinner), don't drink calories (cut out soft drink and up the water intake, try mineral water or add lemon if you need something more fun) and try to increase your incidental exercise. Helps with overall metabolism...just remember the more you move the better!