Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Wedding

This was my outfit. A little more casual than recent weddings but required for the reception venue. It was a beautiful ceremony, held in a lovely old church in the city. A church of significance as well, both the parents of the bride and groom were married there, as were my own parents (my mother is the groom's father's sister) so they were continuing a tradition. I love the church but don't want a religious ceremony...

The reception was reasonably standard, a little more casual and cheaper food than what is probably average, but still very nice and it suited the couple well.

Everything appeared to run smoothly for the bride on the day, up to and including the 'tunnel of love' as they left. We left the wedding 20 minutes or so later, only to find the happy couple outside still waiting for their pre-ordered taxi.

How terrible is that?!

The taxi was booked weeks ago and supposed to arrive at 10. At 10:20 when we arrive outside they had already called the company and been told that there were no taxis available at that moment so they would have to wait. Wait! For the start of your honeymoon, on the stairs of your reception venue, in 25 degree Brisbane humidity in a wedding dress with a 6 foot train!

We felt so sorry for them. My family doesn't drink though, so my parents volunteered to drive them to their honeymoon, about 45mins away in the Gold Coast Hinterland. It meant my sisters (MissC and MissT) needed a lift from MissE who had already left, but it was a much better option than waiting for the taxi. At 10:45pm when MissE arrived, there was still no sign of the taxi.

I'm at home now, waiting for mum and dad to return. We live between the reception and honeymoon venues so their return trip won't take as long. Still incredibly disgusted that it was required though. What if they had a flight to catch or something?

One thing I have learnt though, when it's an important trip always pay extra and book a limo...


  1. Love this dress!! The bow does it for me


    1. thanks :-) it is rather cute. I should really start replacing these older mobile phone photos with proper ones now I post from a computer...

    2. I always tell myself to remember which posts I commented on so that I see if the blogger replied and with you I could remember! And you replied!!!
      Double score.

      (this is a very pointless reply, feel free to ignore)