Friday, November 18, 2011

My sisters

I made another trip to Ikea yesterday (well it had been a while) and bought a lamp for the guest room. Had been meaning to but my sister's visit prompted me to finally do it. In addition, I bought photo frames for other pieces of artwork my mum and (other) sister brought back from overseas.

The piece featured above is postcard sizes and doesn't have straight or even edges. The artist who created it gave it to them for free after they had bought other pieces of art. He called it his "business" card. I loved the colours in it, which is why I scored it. I think it goes nicely with the potpourri I am accumulating every time I have fresh roses. I hate the idea of potpourri, always have, it seems old fashioned and a dust collector. Yet despite that I'm not prepared to part with my still sweetly smelling petals...

Back to my sister's visit...wait this may get confusing, time for a family tree lesson.

I am the eldest of four girls, each of our names rhyme. I'm not just talking first names, we have 2 middle names and all of those rhyme too. I wish I could post them on here, but I'm still not comfortable disclosing that much on the net. Each of our first names ends in an 'ee' sound (like Carly), our first middle names all end in 'ara' (like Zara) and our second middle names all end in 'elle' (like Isabelle). So names get a little confusing in my house. As for referring to them on this blog I suppose I can just call them MissE, MissT and MissC. Would love to come up with more creative aliases but I would probably just confuse myself.
As mentioned, at 26 years old, I am the eldest. MissE is next in line at 24, MissT turned 23 only last week and MissC will be celebrating her 20th birthday in under a fornight.

I'd say we are all reasonably close and were growing up. MissT and MissC still live at home and share a bathroom, so their bond is the closest at the moment. That said, each pairing of sisters have their own common traits and definite boiling points, like any sisters would :-).

So MissE is visiting Melbourne this week with her boyfriend and they will be staying with us from tonight. Might make for an interesting week since we won't have had this much 'together' time in a few years. Boyfriends, work and study have meant we haven't often been in the same place as much. Hopefully it will all go well, we don't agree on a lot of things and have different health values and life goals, but we usually get along fine. I still feel a little nervous though.

Oh and a little bit of personal trivia, SJ's surname also ends in 'elle' so after marriage my name will rhyme. It also rules out all the pretty sounding 'elle' names for my children. Darn.

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