Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Wet Weekend

A little late in getting this post out and I have no real excuse...

The weekend started out with some fine(ish) weather, we headed straight down to the coast and it rained the entire way. Saturday we visited most of the famous section of the Great Ocean Road, which includes Port Campbell National Park and the famous Twelve Apostles...even though they don't amount to twelve anymore. The above photo is our view of them, it was rainy and windy and absolutely miserable weather. Got saturated every time we got out of the car (had waterproof jackets thankfully). If I wasn't there with SJ I would have been equally miserable, but somehow running through the rain with him was more fun that if it had been dry :-)

His parents have done some major bush walks in terrible weather, but I don't think they particularly enjoyed Saturday. Saturday evening we camped in Forrest, managed to get the tents up during a rain free period but it rained most of the night and while we were taking the tents down the next day. Not a fun thing to do.

All in all a good weekend though. SJ's parents left on Sunday afternoon to begin their drive back up to Queensland and SJ and I had a nice evening in together. We also wasted yesterday's public holiday hanging around inside. The weather wasn't particularly inviting. I played with photos again, have some ideas on Christmas presents I want to make this year. Hopefully I can pull them off :-)

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