Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just a little makeover

Thought I would brighten things up a little. As much as black and red are definitely my colours, I felt it was looking a little too vampire. Keeping the black background for the moment but I may go white at some point. Blue and orange are obviously inspired by my 'directions' photograph.

I took the photograph while on a trip in South Australia with my mum last year. We flew to Adelaide and then drove up to Coober Pedy. Then out to Australia's smallest town, William Creek, where the photo was taken.

The town was busy that day though, with flights over the full Lake Eyre leaving every half an hour. Was a great experience. And of course, I loved the photograph opportunities :-)

I'm also planning a makeover, I have a hair appointment booked tomorrow. Looking forward to it, my fringe hangs below my nose!

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