Monday, November 21, 2011


I do love strawberries, that's me in the strawberry print dress, but even I'm wondering if we have too many now.

Our visit to the Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm yesterday was lovely. For $8 each we wandered the strawberry field filling our 500g punnets. This was after lunch in the cafe where we had very wholesome strawberry and marshmallow kebabs with chocolate dipping pots...

MissE is saving hers to share with her partner (who was visiting his family instead) and SJ and I attempted to use ours for dessert last night. We failed to use many. When we already had a punnet in the fridge (I eat strawberries and blueberries on my morning porridge) and gain a few every few days from our own bushes, I have NO idea how we're going to manage to consume 1kg worth before they all go off. We have considered making jam but I still have a jar from my July visit to the farm.

At least they are good strawberries :-)

The rest of the weekend was good as well. I enjoyed the Twilight movie, as much as it pains me to admit it, though the book is still better. I read all the twilight books at the insistence of MissT but found I spent a lot of time wishing to slap Bella. The last book was the most enjoyable, I feel it was the one Stephenie Meyer wanted to write from the beginning. Just had to justify their physical love with three books worth of romance and foreplay first.

Speaking of books, I bought a few on Saturday too. MissE and I happened upon one of those 'All Books $5' stores and I couldn't help myself. Will photograph and post my hoard tomorrow.

And I have to run tonight, haven't been since last Tuesday and I still haven't moved onto Week 3 of the C25K program...and this should be Week 4...

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