Thursday, November 24, 2011

Good Hair Day

Just left the salon and I'm very happy with my hair. I'll admit, I had been having a good day anyway. Wearing an outfit I'm happy with (blue shirt, black work skirt and new heels meant for Saturday's wedding, a bone colour) and got a few looks from construction workers on my lunchbreak. One even commented 'Nice' (I'm going to assume he meant me and not his lunch anyway).

I didn't get any colour, haven't coloured my hair for over a year and before that I was only getting colour to 'help it grow out'. So the strawberry blonde is the natural colour and the blonde is old foils. I'm lucky enough to have a few natural highlights though.

I was impressed with how much I was listened to, Tom (the stylist at Unico who cut my hair) checked with me before he cut length off the back. I lost about an inch just to even up the length of some layers. Had my fringe recut, it's a little different to last time and had a few long layers put through it. He also gave me a bitsy blow wave which I'm loving. I will have to attempt to recreate it with my own round brush, or else finally invest in a GHD...

I also had my eyebrows and eyelashes done today. Didn't need the wax (but I always get it done with that 'other' region) and prefer to have my pale lashes tinted regularly. I have lately been getting my brows tinted blonde, just a shade or two darker than natural. Today I had a different beautician (who's waxed me before but pre-tint phase) and I feel like my brows are a bit too dark.

Hoping it washes out a bit more tonight...

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