Friday, November 4, 2011

Time to Run

Back in 2008 I went running on a beach...

I've never been a runner. Sure there have been times when I've forced myself to do and I've even managed a few 10km charity runs in my time, but I am definitely not a runner.

There are moments when I do enjoy running, on a beach where no one is around for example, but I've never gotten much enjoyment after about the 1 minute mark.
Time for that to change.

I am getting fitter with my personal trainer, but the expense isn't one I can justify past the 'block' of training I purchased. Not at the same 2x1 hour sessions per week at least.

I'm almost ready to get back on the bike, but I know my own fears will keep me from pushing myself too hard. So running it is. Cheap and (relatively) easy.

With my trainer I am now running 2 consecutive laps of the oval, about 950m in about 5 minutes. I figure that's a pretty good start :-)

Reading the vogue forum today I read about people partaking in the C25K (Couch to 5km) program. It's a 9 week program using interval training. Sounds like something I could manage, hopefully the intervals will make it a little more interesting.

Running is so boring. SJ (as an avid cyclist) quotes that you don't often see runners with smiles plasted on their faces, it's all pain and concentration. Cyclists only look like that at the top of big climbs, otherwise it's grins all the way...apparently.

I've downloaded some voice prompt tracks to run to, I stopped running with music a long time ago, I think it distracts rather than drives me. Plus I used to run on roads and it's not as safe. So the tracks I've downloaded are just a voice telling you when to walk and when to run. I got them from this site which also has instructions on how to merge them with your chosen music tracks if you want music (you can also record your own voice, but who likes the sounds of that?!).

My plan is to start with Week 1 Session 3 over the weekend, the run Tuesday and Thursday nights and one day of the weekend. Hopefully blogging will make me feel more committed. And 9 weeks will take me to New Year's Eve for the completion of the program.

Then it will be time to make some New Year Resolutions and assess last year's ones :-)

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