Monday, November 7, 2011

C25K Week 1 Day 3

I successfully completed Week 1 Day 3 of the C25K program yesterday. Wasn't too strenuous, but I worked up a decent sweat and was out of breath after every 60 second run.

I made the decision to run with music in the end. I had friends over for dinner on Friday (SJ cooked pasta) and one of them could almost be called a runner. She completed her first 10km recently and has been training rather consistently. She convinced me that I wouldn't hate running as much with music and that running along the bike trail with headphones on is pretty safe. No cars to encounter, which was one of the main reasons I stopped running with music. Actually, that and I did a few triathlons, hard to swim with headphones in...

So I put together a nice little music track, found a great 5 minute long warm up walk song (which at the moment is also my cool down walk song) and a few different 60 and 90 second cuts from tracks I like. I have to say it worked really well. The song I used for my 90 seconds of walking built up around the 80 second mark and made me feel like I was ready to run. So when the lovely Vanessa ( told me it was time to run I had already started to 'bounce'. And with my 60 seconds of running, I timed the clip to end with a chorus so it was really easy to ease back into a walk.

Very happy about it all actually :-) I'm ready for week 2 tomorrow.

When I got back after my run, I also spent half an hour stretching and working on my arm exercises. I can hold my self in a push-up position now (just not with a straight arm, obviously) and I can perform pushups when my arms are raised off the ground or on my knees. Rather exciting, I'm very much looking forward to being able to do push-ups again, sad I know.

One last thing, I measured myself this morning. As much as I feel scared about it, I am going to post my measurements on here...and hopefully that will help me to decrease them...
Height: 163cm
Weight: 57.7kg (at least this morning)
BMI: 21.7 (in the healthy range)
So I'm not overweight, I know that. That's not the problem...
Waist: 66cm...yup tiny, right?
Hips: you read that right, 104cm.
Hip to waist ratio: 0.63

I am most definitely pear shaped. So that is my real aim through exercising. Other than obviously wanting to be fit and healthy and toned, I want to get my hips down under 100cm. Ideally, under 95 though I'm not sure I have ever been that small. And to get some upper body strength, but until I get full extension back in my left arm it's very difficult to do much about that.

Oh and a BMI closer to 20 would be good too, I'd happily weigh only 53 kg. But I'm not picky :-)

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