Thursday, November 17, 2011

Summer's on its way.

I went for a walk to the post office at lunch and was amazed at how many people were out and about. It shouldn't have been a big surprise, the weather was great today, but I think working at the empty end of town I forget how many people there are in this city.

I also noticed a lot of skirts/dress and heels/sandals on the ladies out and about, made me feel a little frumpy in my black pants and boots. I get cold in the office (still wear a cardigan most days) so I'm still operating out of a mild winter wardrobe. Next time I plan on walking somewhere at lunch I will have to rethink my outfit though, was almost too warm:

My trip to the post office was for stamps. SJ and I intend to send out Christmas cards this year (our first living together). He wants to include a Christmas letter too so we'll have to get onto that soon. The weekend before Christmas is only a month away now and there's a lot going on for us between now and then.

One of my sisters is visiting at the moment, I won't see her til tomorrow though as she's seeing her boyfriend's family first (they live outside of Melbourne). Then next weekend I'm heading home for a wedding, only to have my baby sister (I have 3) visit for the weekend after. By the time we get through all that I'll have 2 weekends before our planned drive back up to Brisbane...phew.

I also bought stamps and postcards to send overseas as I have just joined Postcrossing for a bit of fun. I would have included a picture of my postcards, but they're boring, so I'll wait until I start receiving some in the mail. I love snail mail :-)

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