Wednesday, November 9, 2011

C25K Week 2 Day 1

First off, I apparently measured myself wrong the other day. Monday evening my trainer measure my hips at 98.5cm, I still feel like that wasn't my widest but I'll take it (and just prepare for smaller losses in the future).

So since I started with my trainer 5 weeks ago I have lost...
- 0.5cm from my chest
- 0.5cm from my waist (smallest spot, now 66cm)
- 4cm from my stomach (in line with belly button)
- 11.5cm from my hips (was 110cm to start!)

So I'm pretty happy with those results. Weight-wise I'm still fluctuating around the 58kg mark, was 59kg this morning but it's 'that time of month' so I'm ignoring the scales.

Actually I usually don't pay much attention unless I'm hanging around the higher end. I also don't remember to step on the scales as often as I should to monitor fluctuations, normally once or twice a week.

I managed Week 2 Day 1 from the Couch to 5 km program yesterday without too much effort. Was thinking maybe I should have started later in the program, but today I am very sore so I must have done some good. It was really hot and humid too, crazy Melbourne weather.

So I'm happy with my progress so far. Have training again tonight so I expect I'll be even sorer tomorrow. W2D2 is the same as W2D1 but I think I'll feel it more.

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