Thursday, November 3, 2011

How does your garden grow?

I have the 'Mary, Mary, quite contrary' nursery rhyme in my head now.

Our little garden is coming along nicely. SJ waters it each day so I don't tend to check on it that often, the balcony is cold and windy most of the time. I ventured outside last night to grab a few lettuce leaves and check up on the progress. I knew we had a red strawberry but I didn't expect to see three :-)

Our herbs, lettuce and baby spinach have been harvest-able for a while, almost to a point where we can't use enough of it. Coriander, chives, parsley, rosemary and thyme are all useful to have but we wouldn't use all of them in a week.

Our spring oinons are coming along too, I think we'd be able to start cutting the tops off them if we wanted. The basil (which we grew from seed) is almost big enough to be used, but we'd only get a few leaves out of it, so we'll leave it a while I think. Our capsicum (also from seed) is shooting up nicely too.

Sadly our chillies (from seed but one of those 'kits') haven't shot up at all. Not sure if it was the seeds or the soil but we'll try again later. Or buy a potted plant :-)

Last is our snow peas, we thought they were a long way off, they needed staking a few weeks back but didn't look like they had any flowers. Imagine my surprise when I found 3 little snow peas yesterday :-) one of them is big enough to pick but I'm not sure it would be worth using just yet.

Having a garden is an interesting exercise for me. I'm definitely someone who prefers instant gratification. I like responses to my text messages and emails within minutes, if I have an idea I want to act on it immediately, I go for a run and expect to see a smaller number on the get the idea. So having a garden and having to wait for produce might be teaching me to have a little more patience.

Then again, waiting for SJ to get a job is probably teaching/testing me a lot more. I'm just trying to distract myself and not think negative thoughts. Hard when he deserves so much more than he's getting. I wish job applications worked with instant gratification. Send the application, recieve instant response on your chances of getting said job and how long it will take to hear. Instead, you just wait.

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