Thursday, June 28, 2012

Look at me Accessorise!

I bought this bright pink flower for my outfit on my lunch break.

This is what my outfit started off as, boring right?

I didn't intend for it to be that way.

I had a mustard coloured flower similar to my new pink one on this morning, but lost it somewhere between my car, ducking into the post office and getting back into my car again :'-(

I didn't realise until I got into the city though.

I also planned on wearing a mustard coloured big plastic bangle. Which I took off when I was putting on my makeup..and left on the bathroom sink.

So I also bought these black and pink bangles when I ducked into Diva on my lunch break. $3 for the bangles, $2 for the flower. Not bad for accessorising an outfit :-)

Looks good with the black dress I am wearing today (the one I wore last week). Heading out to dinner tonight with some colleagues who are about to finish up their contracts.

Tried to do something interesting with my hair today too. Looks more complicated than it is..
1.  Draw hair from each side and put together for a traditional 'half-up, half-down'
2. Flip the pony tail up and over on itself
3. Don't pull all the way through.
4. If you do pull all the way through, it becomes a topsy turvy half-up half-down lol.
5. You can do the same thing with a pony tail for a topsy turvy like in this post.

And the reason I don't post much during the week anymore..when I ride to work, this is what my outfits look. Work pants (either black, grey or navy), cotton shirt (I own quite a few colours but still boring) and a cardigan.

Nothing too exciting but convenient as I re-wear pants and cardigans leaving them at work during the week.


  1. Look at you go!

    Haha sounds like you just weren't meant to wear mustard... Must admit I love the pink, and great prices!

    I notice nude nails!! So unusual I usually see red on you :)

    Ah, good idea with the work clothes you keep at work would make it a lot easier to ride to work :)


    1. I painted a french a few days earlier, my nails were looking a little stained lol.

      I'm also wearing a pink colour right now, so yes, a bit unusual :-)

  2. Haha! I love that you used your lunch break to accessorise! x

  3. Good Job! I have a jacket very very similar to yours.

    1. It's such a classic print :-) I have had mine for about 5 years and still get heaps of compliments on it.

  4. Love the bright pink flower, I think it adds some cheer and personality to the houndstooth coat.

    1. Yeah, cheer is the right word :-) It made the outfit look happy. And very noticeable!

  5. Whenever I see that pattern (on the coat) I think of David Jones.