Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sound of Silence

Merri Creek in Coulson Reserve
As is the way on a lifestyle blog, a lack of posts either means a lack of things to discuss...or the author is too busy to find the time to write. I've definitely been in the latter category of late.

Last weekend:
- SJ spent half of it in Sydney for that job interview, things seem to have gone well so hopefully we'll hear some good news by the end of next week. Will keep you posted!

- I went for a solo bike ride (and took the above picture) but had to deal with a heap of detours on the bike path and got really cold and frustrated. Will stick to my usual haunts in future.

- had a housewarming party on Saturday evening and wore cream ribbed tights and bright red lipstick with a short tartan skirt. Sort of had a naughty school girl thing going on (well I think so anyway) and it was the end of the night as I was taking off my makeup I realised I'd forgotten to take photos!

- had a brunch on Sunday morning with a couple (MissE and MrR) I had only met once. Discussed some future adventures which I really hope will eventuate. Planning on doing the Great Victorian Bike Ride with them later in the year.

This week:
- I've mentioned my work briefly before, but I deal a lot with flooding in Victoria. So I have been pretty busy since Monday, lots of work, lots of overtime, lots of stress and not much sleep. Things are finally calming down and I'm not going to have to work even a full day tomorrow (yay for flex time).

- I managed to make it to my netball game last night, and will finally have a PT session tonight (first time in over two weeks thanks to sickness and work). I'm really looking forward to it for once, working in a stressful operational environment tends to bring on really bad eating habits for me (like the Twisties I had for dinner on Monday night) and I'm really feeling sluggish. Bring on the new week with some clean eating and exercise!

- Oh and my post on Tuesday morning was sent through after a 1am finish at work, not scheduled, just in case any of you noticed. Was the only time I had spare!

This long weekend:
- My sister (MissT) is visiting and arrives later tonight, I haven't even managed to vacuum the apartment or put away the weekend's washing yet so hopefully I can manage that before her airport pickup. Don't have much planned with her over the weekend but hopefully I will remember to take more photos (particularly outfit pics) this time around.

- I will probably have to work (only about 2 hours each morning) which will sort of suck, but be awesome for the overtime.

- My GIVEAWAY finishes. I'm so excited about this and can't believe how many entries I have!

Next weekend:
- SJ and I are flying to Brisbane on the Friday evening, I have two Qantas Club passes I have been saving up that we will be using on our way out.

- We a wedding in Noosa and accommodation booked up there for the Saturday night.

- It can't come fast enough!

Hope you're all having a great week! I'm hoping to catch up on my blog reading (and commenting) over the weekend :-)


  1. Wow, good on you for doing the Great Vic Bike Ride. My uncle has done it the last couple of years and it sounds pretty intense, but always a really great ride. Where is the ride taking place this year?

    1. It's from Lakes Entrance to Port Phillip Island. My parents are keen to come down from Brisbane for it too!

  2. Safe travels. Hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like you've had a tough couple of weeks and deserve some free time.

  3. You certainly have been busy!

    Wish goodluck to SJ with the job.

    I hope you also have some time to catch up on some sleep this weekend sounds really full on... And def remember outfit posts, I always like yours haha


  4. I'm thinking I might start rocking the schoolgirl look, so I can feel like less of a loser having braces at 25!
    hope SJ's job pans out x

  5. Hope everything goes to plan, fingers crossed! I'm spending my long weekend semi-down south in Berrima/Bowral and the other half back in Sydney - even an overnight trip down in the regional areas is splendid and super relaxing! xx

  6. Wow. Very busy!! Enjoy all the exciting things coming up!!