Monday, June 25, 2012

Colour Blocking Bookshelf and Auction Rooms

SJ and I went out for breakfast yesterday to the Auction Rooms in North Melbourne.

 I wore black jeans, black jacket and a teal shirt with a dangly necklace. I'm getting the hang of this accessorising thing a bit more.

I love the inside of this place. I'd really love to convert a warehouse and live in it!

SJ had some salmon thing with beetroot eggs.

I had poached eggs with an amazing beetroot relish. Though after our huge dinner at Fenix on Saturday, I couldn't finish both eggs.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning and organising the apartment. Saturday was a massive clean and Sunday included a trip to Ikea.

I finally got around to colour blocking the book shelf, after seeing some great pics over at Merowyn's.


The other books 'before'...these are all on one long row though.

The cookbooks AFTER. For some reason, I find this method of display much calmer than by height.

And the rest of the books. They used to be in Categories..not any more!


  1. I see you're also a Bill Bryson fan. I LOVE his books - they're so hilarious! What's your favourite? I really like the Thunderbolt Kid and also Notes From a Big Country, The Lost Continent and Neither Here Nor There. I recently read A Walk In The Woods for the first time and really enjoyed it even though I wasn't sure I would.

  2. Mmm the food looks great! I love how the colour blocking turned out too; now I'm tempted to do the same with mine xx

  3. I love the teal / necklace combo... And you look very funky biker girl ;) haha

    Ohh I love books displayed by colour, my sister has a full wall bookshelf sorted by colour, it really makes her tiny apartment (and I'm talking tiny) look amazing.


  4. hehehehehe you look so cheeky in that first picture! Books by colour is an awesome idea, but we don't even have our books on display yet lol.

  5. 3 of these comments turned up as SPAM. I didn't even know I had a SPAM folder until yesterday...sorry Babybluez, almost all of your comments go there!

    If you ever (and this goes for anyone) notice that your comments aren't showing up on the blog, please say so and I will log on and 'allow' them. I still get every comment via email so I will know it's there :-)

  6. Yum! The food looks so good. Love the outfit, and the accessories! Tres chic :P x