Monday, July 2, 2012

What you've missed...

On Wednesday night I baked this cake.

On Thursday night I iced it.

On Friday night I went to a friend's house for pizza and Taboo and we ate it.

I was really happy with it, the icing was much better than my first attempt!

On Friday I saw a double rainbow.

Woah, it's a double rainbow! What does it mean!?!

If you don't get that, then you need to watch this.

Saturday morning I rode down to the Royal Exhibition Building, my absolute favourite of all the buildings in Melbourne.

I took heaps of photos with the hope of finding one I could happily turn black and white and put on my wall. I was successful and spent most of the evening editing and sizing a series of photographs.

Yesterday I sent them off as one giant 130cm x 250cm artwork to the Wall Sticker Company and now await the email telling me it's been printed.

When it arrives, it will get an entire post to itself as I put up all the pieces. So exciting! My walls have been bare for too long.

Saturday also involved some boring shopping for cords and adapters.

Saturday afternoon involved lots of frustration as I connected up our sounds system, television, DVD player and PVR. But we can now successfully record digital TV, while watching other channels or recorded movies or DVDs. And we have sound coming out of 3 different speakers.

This is what kept me going during Saturday's riding, photographing and shopping. The new Perfect Pear burger from Grill'd. I was a little skeptical, but the poached pear, chicken and fig paste combination is indeed perfect. Looks like I have a new favourite...sorry Simon Says...

And this is what motivated me to work hard on Saturday afternoon. SJ cooked us up some rabbit (looks boring so no photo) and some creme brulee. We cracked the tops of these babies just as the Tour de France kicked off on tv. And stayed up until almost 2am...thanks to our new PVR, we won't be doing that on weeknights!

On Sunday my biggest achievement was painting my nails. I used Cutex Quick'n'Go! in Mulberry Whip.

I have another of these polishes in 'Quick Set Coral' and have been impressed with the consistency. They're quick thick without being gluggy, so one coat may be all you need. Rather shiny (even without the top coat as per the picture above) and have a great little curved brush which I find fits my nails perfectly.

Spotted for $4.95 in Big W on special this week, so I grabbed Mulberry Whip and Night Run (a black shade).

The colour goes perfectly with the dress I'm wearing to a wedding in Brisbane this weekend (yes...another one!). OPI Tickle Me France-y doesn't go quite as well (as featured above).

Keeping with the 'SJ cooks like a god' theme, he whipped up these dumplings for us on Sunday night...

And threw together an Eaton Mess for dessert...he just happened to make meringues with the leftover egg-whites from the creme brulees.

Hmm...I really should be exercising more...


  1. Yum! I think I need to send my husband to SJ's cooking school!

    Love the Tour De France! A spectacular event in every way.

    1. I am lucky, SJ just likes to cook. And he likes to try new recipes :-)

      And yes, I have really been looking forward to the TDF this year. Stayed up for every stage last year but I don't know if I want to do that again!

  2. I saw the double rainbow too! What does this meeeeeean?!

    Haha And this post is severely bordering on food blog territory! ;) Lucky I've already eaten. YUM!

  3. Oh my god, the food in this post is just...amazing. Pretty much craving everything right now! Your cake looks so delicious, that burger sounds like something I need to try asap - I need to learn how to cook!! xx

  4. Haha ok, I just ate, but now I seem to be hungry again! That was some impressive food!

    Yay for recording digital TV.. A tad jealous of here...

    I really like the nude shade (just in general not for the wedding) I never noticed how long and skinny your fingers are! (In a good way!)


    1. Why thank you. I played the piano from an early age so my mother calls them 'piano fingers'.

      I bought one of these last week...

  5. I love the Mulberry polish, so pretty!

    What a great idea to get your pictures made in to art!!!! My house is in desperate need of some wall art and I bought a print yesterday but I need so much more!

    1. Yeah I would love to buy some real art but while I am renting it's hard to hang big things. Especially in a rather new apartment.

      I like the idea of vinyl, will be reusable if needed and I've basically 'done' the whole apartment for $190. Much cheaper than getting photos printed and framed :-)

  6. yummmm dumplings!!! I only had them last week but after looking at that plate I want some more.

    Your nails and hands are soo pretty and feminine - super jealous!

    1. Your comment ended up in my spam folder again! I don't know why it keeps doing it to you. Will have to be on the ball to make sure your comments get posted :-)

  7. We've had lots of raimbows in Melbourne lately!!

    1. We've had a lot of rain lately so I guess I shouldn't be surprised!

  8. That Tickle me Francey looks nice though!! :)

    1. Yeah it is one of my favourite nude colours, just a bit boring for a wedding ;-)