Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sisters, Shopping and Spiking

I'm going to do my weekend wrap up in chronological order. This means pictures of food and shopping first and details of my cousin and some drama last. Read it as you choose...

So I worked for a few hours on Saturday morning, then SJ and I took MissT for lunch in Williamstown.
Followed by ice creams from a place that has won a lot of awards..not that we cared, it was icecream!

Then home for an afternoon of watching Once Upon A Time...I have one episode to go but started the whole series again just for her.

Sunday morning I worked again, then spent the afternoon shopping with MissT and my cousin (who I will call LittleMissT since she is 18) and her friend (LittleMissA).
This is my haul. The teal and yellow lace skirts were only $7.50!
New boots from Novo. These ones actually.
And these. I had been looking for a new pair of black leather 'where everywhere' boots to replace a trusty pair of Diana Ferrari one I have had reheeled 3 times. Found a pair in Myer which I may go back for. It's so hard to find ones that look good that I will also be able to walk kilometres in. I'm not sure how I'd go if I was on my feet all day in the ones above...
And this jacket is made from cheap material...but it was only $14.95 from Valleygirl. I just needed something that wasn't grey or black or red in my jacket wardrobe so this will do the trick :-)
Late Sunday afternoon MissT and I watched the NRL on TV...Broncos won, thanks for asking :-) while enjoying this healthy snack. The clinkers count as healthy because they are colourful on the inside like fruit is.

Then I put MissT on a plane that night.

Now my story gets interesting, I hope you can follow me and I apologise for the lack of pictures.

I rode to work on Monday morning for a few hours, finished up and then rode with SJ to St Kilda for brunch. Rode home with the intention of having a bath, washing my hair, painting my nails, waxing my get the idea...ready for the wedding we have in Brisbane next weekend.

We got into the apartment just as my mobile was ringing. Missed it by seconds and called the number back. It was LittleMissT. She wasn't making much sense but said that she thought her drink had been spiked, she was at a pharmacy but she wasn't sure where she was. Naturally, I freaked out a bit.

Told her I was on my way (though I did take a few minutes to change) and SJ and I raced into the city. I called her again on the way to try and get more details.

First of, big PHEW when she explained that she HAD in fact made it home the evening before gave me a few more details but said she would fill me in when I got her with me.

To make things easier, here is the story in order.

LittleMissT and LittleMissA went out on Sunday evening and had a few drinks in the city. At one stage they stupidly left their drinks with some people while they went to the bathroom, alleged possible drink spike would have occured here. Each girl only had 6-7 drinks and they were home by midnight.

At 6:30am LittleMissA woke up with vomitting horrendously. It worried her and didn't feel normal so the girls caught a cab to the nearest hospital. After an hour waiting in emergency they were told that LittleMissA probably had food poisoning or gastro and was dehydrated. She was put on a drip for a while, then sent home and told to keep the fluids up.

They both went back to the hotel and fell asleep.

After a few hours, LittleMissT woke up with the shakes and a racing heart and felt rather weird. She decided to go looking for a chemist to fill the script the doctor had given LittleMissA and find something to help her out.

She found a chemist a few blocks from their hotel, but once she was there she was feeling worse and was a bit lost and disorientated and wasn't sure how she was going to get back to the hotel. That's when she called me.

So now I am in the story :-)

I picked LittleMissT up, got the story and confirmed that LittleMissA was still okay on her own in the hotel room. Took LMT back to my place with the promise to come back for LMA later when she felt like getting up. Which I did an hour or so later.

Ducked into woolies with both girls on the way home and bought stuff for dinner (SJ was making a pie and mash potato, guaranteed to make you feel better) and a bulk pack of powerade.

Back at my place they both watched some tv and slept until just after 3 when LMT had the shakes again and wanted to be taken to the hospital.

So off we went to the Royal Melbourne Emergency department.

3 and a bit hours later...

Doctor finally saw her, she was feeling fine again by this point, and said it was likely that she was dehydrated and suffering from anxiety attacks....lucky I had heaps of powerade.

Took both girls home again where SJ was preparing dinner (homemade chicken pie!). After discussions with the girls' parents it was decided they would fly home on Tuesday morning instead of Wednesday evening. Which meant we needed to go back to their hotel to pack up all their stuff and bring it to my place. After dinner I put LMT to bed and LMA and I went off.
Behold the pie. Decorations are my own :-)
Have you ever seen the hotel room of two 18 year old girls who've been living in it for 4 days and were expecting to be there 3 days longer? Chaos.

Home around 9 and straight to bed for LMA. And how I wished I drank, could have used something by then!

The next morning the drama continued when I took them off for their flight and thanks to an accident, got them there 8 minutes after it closed. Thankfully they were able to get onto the next one at only $50 cost each. Felt pretty bad about that :-(

So that was my weekend.

I'm ready for the next one now.


  1. Wow, what an eventful weekend. Hopefully the girls have learnt their lesson and will never leave drinks alone again.

    Thankfully they both made it back to the hotel ok!

  2. Oh my gosh! that is scary!! poor little muffins :( they now know to NEVER leave drinks with ANYONE!

    ps. super cute pie


    And OMG that is so scary... :(

  4. What a weekend! Love the haul.

    Hope the girls recover. I had a drink spiked once. Not fun at all.

    TDM xx

  5. Nice haul! You always get such nice stuff!

    haha and love the "healthy snack"

    That is terrible! Sounds really strange... and very scary!!


  6. WOW that is drama!! You are an awesome cousin helping them out like that.. i'm sure you helped them feel a little less scared :)

  7. Oh your poor cousin! I am glad she was okay. Out of curiosity, did the hospital test them for drugs etc in case they HAD been spiked?

    Loving the boots!!!

  8. Yikes! That's pretty scary! That ice cream looks freaking amazing. Gimme x