Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dinner at Fenix

SJ and I had a lovely dinner at Fenix last night.

I wore a leopard print dress with a little white cropped jacket, black boots and my MAC Lady Danger lipstick.

I'm quite happy with these boots. The angled top makes my legs look better than usual.

And a new spiky necklace.

SJ dressed up a bit for the occasion too :-)

I like MAC Lady Danger, this was the first time I've worn it out to dinner though, so I was interested to see how it held up.

Fenix menu, we had the 'Share Menu' for $65 each. Three entrees, two mains, two sides and two desserts.

Entrees - Kingfish with watermelon, anchovy bruschetta and slow cooked octopus tentacles.

This was the chicken and vegetables, forgot to get the 'before' photo.

Braised beef cheeks.

Banana and sticky date pudding and white coffee creme brulee. Soooooo good but we actually couldn't finish it!

The wall at the entry to the toilets.

Dodgy bathroom shot. Taken after the entree, lipstick holding up well.

Leaving the restaurant. Lipstick still looking alright, though I did touch it up after the main.

Really should get a pocket mirror so I can stress less about it.

And my necklace :-)


  1. Ohhh I so want that lippy! So good!
    Looking fantastic! x

  2. Lippy looks Good :)

    Also love the white coat!

    Food = Yummy!

    Good to see SJ dressed up too :)


  3. looking good! Banana and sticky date pudding & white coffee creme brulee looks yummmo!