Friday, June 22, 2012

These boots...

This is what I wore to work yesterday...Bright blue jeans, my new tan boots, my $15 valley girl jacket bargain and a scarf.

Bargain jacket earned it's value on the way to work, it's waterproof-ness was required. Shame it couldn't also save my hair!

Started work later than usual and had to catch the train so SJ could pick me up when I finished around 9pm. Gross.

Speaking of, did I mention he's got a casual job as a bike courier at the moment? If you work in an office in Melbourne CBD keep an eye out for him! And still keep crossing your fingers for us that he gets a career job soon. Sadly, he lucked out for that one in Sydney :-(

I had on a Tommy Hilfiger jumper under my jacket, so this was how I spent most of my evening dressed.

This is me leaving work. No makeup (though I do have tinted eyelashes) and tired face on. No pimples though...

And today? Boom. Sucker appeared late last night and I stupidly couldn't resist picking. Now it's cherry red and almost as big.

Very similar outfit on today (cause I'm lazy) but brown jeans and a white shirt and black Polo jumper on underneath.

I don't normally like to mix black and brown...particularly not with so many browns. But whatever. I need to be warm in the office today.

This gift with purchase bag from Priceline is serving me well. Needed it yesterday to lug my giveaway prizes on the train (to post) and couldn't be bothered transferring stuff today.

Wore this black dress and tights (with a black jacket and black gloves) to work on Tuesday as I had a colleague's funeral. Very sudden and very sad. He left a 13 year old behind :-(

Ducked into Diva at Harbourtown on my way in today (had a late start thanks to my late night), spent some $ on some cheap things.

Check out my hoard. Looking forward to accessorising it up a bit. Thinking of wearing the pendant/tooth looking necklace and bracelet (which were the only things I payed more than $3 for) tomorrow night.

Sneak peak at  the outfit I'm planning. We have a table booked at Fenix and rather excited about it.

Hope you're all surving the cold, bring on the longer days!!


  1. I love both boots!!

    Your skin is great without any makeup on!

  2. Ohhhhh I love DIVA they have the best stuff in there sometimes.
    You always have nicely painted nails :)

  3. Your colored jeans are great! I am keen to get into some of the colored denim this year. It will be a great look for Spring. I'm not sure how I'll go pulling off the really bright colors but your brown ones are a really great place to start!

  4. Loving the boots.. I also really like the black ones..

    I think you pulled of the black / brown and different brown well!

    Always look good :)

    Fingers crossed for SJ :)