Thursday, June 14, 2012

Braids, Dresses and Fuzzy Tights

This is how I'm wearing my hair today. I haven't braided it in such a long time I was worried it'd be super messy, so I cheated and did it while it was still a bit damp. Again, loving the colours in my hair.

What I am wearing. The maroon cotton dress I bought from Cotton On on Sunday (for the bargain price of $15), black belt, black jacket, and maroon with black tipped Fiorelli shoes.
These shoes have made numerous appearances on this blog before, but I do love them :-)

No face shots today, I thought my makeup was looking alright but in every single one I took I look like a tired, angry zombie...

No face shots from yesterday for a very similar reason. Face shots on a mobile phone in an office are not kinds.
Excuse the fuzzy bathroom picture. I wore a cream dress I bought from a Voguette on the Facebook group page, black tights, cream/black shoes and the same black jacket.
I bought these tights from the Queen Vic Markets on Friday, they're fleece lined and slightly cheaper than the Flox brand. The first fleece lined tights I have owned and I am about to go and buy myself a wardrobe full. I am warmer than if I was wearing
pants....looks like I will be wearing more dresses this winter!


  1. Loving your black belt with your burgundy dress!

    I know how to French braid but I'm not as good at doing it on my own hair. However, Fridays are sport days at school (I'm a teacher) and you've inspired me to give it a go as something different to my regular Friday ponytail!

  2. I dont like the tights it makes your legs look fat

    1. They do make it look like kankles... I wonder if she just has big ankles or it really is the tights?

  3. Cream outfit! Love it!!

    Your tights are awesome and make your legs look great :)


  4. I love those flats and I wish I could only do my braids like that :))

  5. bahahaha to anon above!

    If those legs are fat I'd hate to hear what you had to say about mine!

  6. Love the outfits! Maroon is such a nice Wintery colour.

    You look lovely!

  7. Your hair is gorgeous, and I love those fiorelli heels and how they match the dress :)

  8. Love the outfit and the braid. I'm so bad at braiding my own you have any tips? x

  9. I love your outfits, especially the cream dress. And your shoes! :)

  10. You've inspired me, I've not braided my hair since PE at school where it was mandatory. I think I'm scarred.
    And umm... The legs comment? Gosh that's why I don't have a blog. Thanks for being brave and giving me bedtime reads. Love the burgundy shoes.

  11. Your hair looks very fabulous. I wish I got a hair like yours. I love your way of clothing it's very chic and elegant. And your shoes, they're lovely and very feminine.