Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bad blogging habits

I think about updating this blog all the time, it's just usually at a bad time. While I'm busy at work or cooking dinner or in the shower, you know how it is. And then when I do have the time, at say 9pm when dinner has been cooked, eaten and cleaned up, I somehow don't have the energy for what seems like a big effort.

My main cause of procrastination is usually that I have too much to say. Too many days will have passed since my last update and I feel it will take too long to type it all out. My current issue is that I've taken nice photos of my apartment and intend to upload them, but I don't want to deal with blogger. I usually post from my phone via email, all my formatting is automated that way, but if I post via blogger I have to do it manually (and I'd hate for them not to match). Plus of course, the mild dramas of extracting/editing/uploading photos...
So this is an interim post to update my life which I will follow up with a post full of photos.

After mum left last week the weekend with SJ was a dream. Not just for how great it was to have him here, but for how when I woke up after he left it was almost like it never happened. We went out for drinks and dinner with my work crew on the Friday (birthday celebrations) and slept in late on Saturday. Oh how I love sleep-ins. The rest of the day was spent at the markets buying food for a great feast he wanted to cook for me (lamb rack and quail roast with tonnes of veggies).

We managed to squeeze in a trip to the zoo just before closing time (I made us friends of the zoo, so an annual pass each) and saw the baby elephants. The baby orangutan was already gone so we missed out on that one. I will make regular visits over the next few months and practice my animal photography, I'll be sure to upload any good ones (provided I feel like dealing with blogger of course).

Sunday was another lazy day, went to the markets again, this time for lunch and dinner ingredients. Lunch was chicken and almond fresh pasta (did I mention SJ makes his own pasta? I'm a lucky girl) with one of SJs friends over. Then dinner was black pepper crab followed by baked apples stuffed with mars bars. And odd combo but there was enough of a gap between the meals.

Monday I had to work, he met me in the city for lunch and then went home to cook me osso bucco. We ate together when I got home then I took him to the airport for his 8pm flight. I cried (who wouldn't) but managed to compose myself before I got home.

Since he left I've been a bit up and down mood wise. I have also been rather busy but I think this post is getting too long.

More to follow later :-)

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