Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tick Tock

I am slack. Although I've posted since SJ's visit I haven't really covered any of the progress my life has made since then. And there have been a few big changes...

First, my housemaking. I have a benchtop for my island bench, picked up a solid timber one from the 'as is' section of Ikea for $69 down from $360. Struggled to get it in the car and carried the crazy 1.9m long 30kg piece to my apartment. I have an elevator (thank goodness) but live last on the row...was a workout. I've also 'decorated' the built in desk to make it more workable and put a magnetic red board behind it. Now it's my study/appliance storage :-)

Exercise wise I've also made some changes. Went for a 35km ride on one of the loops, went really terribly. It took me 3 hours to complete which is more than double what I expected. A mix of detours and crowded paths meant I travelled at a snail's pace through a lot of it. I reached a detour that I didn't understand and couldn't follow as the sun was setting (left too late really) and had to ride on a major road to get home. On the road was the first time I'd reached over 30km/hr all day. Was so fed up when I got home that if I'd had someone there to comfort me I'd have cried (I'm such a sook).

After that ride (2 weekends ago) I rode to work one day (most of the others have been miserable or I've had a visitor). So there's a lot of room for improvement in my riding habits.

I also joined a friend's mixed netball team, played my second game with them last night. Can tell my fitness has decreased after a few months of inactivity but I'm not doing too badly.

I have also (finally) rejoined Taekwondo. I trained to blackbelt level as a kid (from age 7-13) and haven't really been back since. Had my first official class on Thursday night (after an intro session). I'm surprised at home much I remember and how much of the technique is second nature. Makes me feel as though it won't be too tough technically (which is so good). Fitness and flexibility however, are absolutely terrible. High kicked at one point and was really lucky I didn't injure myself. Something I'm really going to have to work on.

That brings me basically up to date. I had my baby sister (she's 19) visiting me for the weekend, was nice to have some one on one time with her. We haven't spent a lot of time together since I grew up and got a full time job and she got her license. Was the first time in recent months that I've said goodbye to someone at an airport and not cried. And the only reason for that is because I'm heading home this weekend myself :-)
I'm looking forward to it so much. Time with SJ and my family is so precious to me. It will be much better when he's living down here (and just because I want him here) because I won't have to split my hometime between him and family.

Oh and the other thing that has been prominent in my life has been the Tour de France. I try to follow it for SJ's sake, but this year I've really gotten into it. At my family's house the reception for SBS (the channel it's televised on) is very tempremental so it made watching it a pain. Watching from my own place where I can have all the lights on (normally finished close to 2am each night) and loud enough to hear if I decide to multi task is such a luxury. It's been good company too and having an Aussie doing so well (Cadel Evans) is great :-D

That's it for me, a super long post I'm sure no one will read. Will attempt to get into short, sharp daily ones...

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