Thursday, June 16, 2011

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Well no, of the moon, but every time I hear the word eclipse Bonnie Tyler starts singing in my head. Could be worse I suppose, I could get images of vampires...

I got up early this morning to watch the eclipse from my balcony. Set up my tripod and DSLR with fancy remote and got a few good shots. Then I worked out I could set my remote to take shots at intervals and went back to bed. It was cold! Got up to adjust it 15mins later (the orbit/rotation makes it move quite quickly through a zoomed frame) and it had disappeared. Couldn't find it again anywhere...according to the news there was low cloud over the horizon so it didn't set, just went into full eclipse and vanished. I'll upload good pictures one of these days.

Will be a little easier to do know I have internet at home. It was supposedly connected this morning but until I install my modem I won't know for sure.

Finally added this pic...years later...

In other news, I've had mum staying with me since last Friday. Loved almost every minute of it (hehe) we've shopped and visited family (over 2 hours drive away) and done a little sight seeing. Oh and we went to the Tutankhamen exhibit, that was pretty cool. She leaves in a few hours and I'll be sad but also excited since SJ arrives around midnight. It'll be hard to express both at once.

I really can't wait to show him our new home, it feels like weeks since I've seen him (oh wait, it has been...) and I'm sick of having an electronic relationship. He's not great on the phone (though most guys aren't) and usually asleep much earlier than me (which isn't hard when I've had a lot of 1am nights with house sorting lately) so we don't ring much. It's all email and text.

Can't believe I get to see him today :-) I feel all girly excited and want to skip around the room. Best to wait til I leave work though...

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  1. Oh that's too bad you missed the shot.

    Do you find it better taking shots with the remote?

    Aww, that's so nice. I love mum time <3