Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have keys :-)

And the movers have confirmed an 8am drop off tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it but I feel a little weird about it too, makes the moving thing seem more real. After being here for 3 weeks you'd think I should be used to the idea by now.

Visited the apartment tonight and dropped off some things. I've managed to accumulate quite a bit in such a short period. Doesn't help that I've bought 3 pairs of boots and a giant wine glass...quite bulky things to move. Will have to upload a pic of my wine glass, but I might leave it until I've given it to a fish friend as a new home.

Few things weren't quite as I remembered them, I don't think the furniture I've ordered will fit in our bedroom. Will ring tomorrow and attempt to change it to a tall boy instead of the low chest. Not what we wanted but I'd rather not have to climb over the bed to get to the other side of it...

And the kitchen island bench thing it has is just weird and a bit bulky and useless. Was told by the last tenant that I could have it removed, but the agent shattered that hope. Now I have to attempt to add some storage to it. A project at least.

Some of my planning and housemaking will have to wait until SJ (his initials, I've given up trying to think of a cute nickname for my boyfriend) got a little upset tonight, he's feeling a bit left out. I know he wants to be here as badly as I want him to be, I think that helps. Ten days and he'll be here to share it :-)

And I'm looking forward to having my mum visit on the weekend, though I know she'll have a lot of opinions on where things should live. Many of which SJ will probably want to change when he's down :-)

Well, big day for me tomorrow. I should post again, will be without the internet for the next ten days so I have less distractions.

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