Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moving frustrations.

My kitchen - before I started to move in

The day was full of dramas.

First traffic was worse than I'd been prepared for, that was okay as the movers used their GPS and input my unit number instead of my street number (and they differ by only a few hundred?). So they were rather late.

Then the loading dock was bollarded off and padlocked. Rang property manager, directed to body corporate...told they were permanent (they weren't there the day before) as removalist trucks were ruining the loading dock what's the point of a loading dock if you can't load on it??

Told the only way to move was to park in the loading zone on the street. Legal after 9:15am, since I'm only 3km from the city and on a major road, the left lane was still a moving carpark at that time.

With only 2 movers they were also worried about leaving the back of the truck open on a major road...
So they left. Told me they had a job to do about an hour and a half away and they'd be back around 2.
I had nothing to do then but wait for the fridge to come. I sat on the floor and felt like crying, just from frustration and disappointment. I don't always deal well with those things. Had things I could do but I couldn't leave my empty apartment.

Thankfully, the fridge guy (who also had my washer/dryer and vacuum) came around 10 and installed everything. There was a big dent on the back of the washer/dryer, apparently I can get cash back for that.
After he left I did a little cleaning, mostly vacuuming the styrofoam that had floated around from his unpacking (oh how I hate that stuff, it's pure evil). Then I went and bought a car load of groceries and cleaning products.

Got a call while I was there from a delivery man who said he had flowers of me (didn't get my hopes up, not really SJ's style). He dropped by again when I got home and delivered a lovely orange bunch from my best friend and her boy (A&A) congratulating me on my new home. Was such a nice gesture :-)

The first thing I set up...

After I'd dealt with everything it was almost 2pm. Knew the movers would give me some notice so I ran some errands (post office, agents). Raced through them thinking it wouldn't be long. It was.

Was almost 5 by the time they turned up. Thankfully they'd borrowed 2 extra guys from another company and had a brainwave. They parked the truck in a suburban street nearby, then transferred half the load to a ute and trailer which they were then able to drive into the undercover garage and dramatically decreased their walk to the lift (from 200m to 20m).

From then it was pretty smooth sailing. Lots of unloading and then they unpacked all the boxes that I didn't pack myself (it's an insurance thing).

The 'living' area...
...and the kitchen after the movers left
They left me to my own devices around 6:45, by then I had worked out 4 goals for the evening.
Step 1 - set up the TV. I needed the noise and comfort and I didn't want to miss masterchef.
Step 2 - make the living areas liveable, make up my mattress.
Step 3 - cook dinner (been craving home cooked fried rice).
Step 4 - sleep.

I'm glad to say I managed everything. I didn't sit down to dinner until 10:30, but I was still happy with my efforts.

I've attached some photos (sending from my phone again, won't have internet at home for a week so they're not formatted in the post...sorry). The kitchen empty is the before shot, it looks more like the other shot still.
I made enough space to cook dinner but then left the mess to clean up tonight (yeah I'm gross I know). Happy with the living/dining area. Still a few finishing touches to come but it's definitely liveable.

The 'finished' living area

I can't wait to go home tonight :-)

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