Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Season

Today was the first day of winter, it's funny but there was a notable change in the temperature...was 6 degrees when I got to work this 9am. To me, that's cold. I used to consider the day to be freezing if it was less than 10 degrees when I left home at 7am in Brisbane. Things are going to get interesting.

My weekend home was really good. The wedding was beautiful and catching up with all my extended family was great, I caught up with a cousin I haven't seen in 9 years, I had never met her youngest son and he's 6 years old. I think Facebook makes it easy to forget how recently you've seen someone in person. Both a good and bad thing.

Seeing my boyfriend (still no nickname) was good too. Didn't feel like long enough though, so while I felt pretty good on Monday now I miss him more again. And there is longer apart this time so it's depressing me a little more.

Not long til I get to move out of this hotel now though. Tonight I sorted out my insurance policy and I've already taken care of phone and internet (got my priorities lol). Water and gas are sorted and I'm waiting to hear back from hot water and electricity. Think that's everything :-)

Oh and I'll be shopping for my fridge and washing machine on the weekend. Might make a trip to Ikea to check out the bed I want for the spare room too (my bed has been ordered but will take a few weeks to deliver).

I should go to bed now, been having a little trouble falling asleep. Bigger trouble turning off the tv and my laptop before the early hours. It's not yet 11pm so if I go now it's not too bad, was after 2am last night...
I can't wait to have my life together with my boyfriend down here and to be falling asleep beside him instead of living like this.

God I'm pathetic.

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