Friday, June 10, 2011

IKEA Injuries

  Last night I braved the cold and the crowds and went to IKEA again. Happily, it was rather empty and parking was a breeze (though traffic to get out there was shocking). Bought the bed for the guest room, bedside, a few blanket boxes, storage tins and bits and pieces. Then I spent the rest of the night putting the bed together. Was surprisingly complicated and probably the most intricate IKEA piece I've dealt with so far.

Managed to damage my hands a little too. The slats for the bed had hard plastic strapping around them, and the edges were very sharp. In my efforts to carry more at once I picked it up by the tap and cut all my fingers. Then later when I was putting together the frame I got some sort of a splinter/scratch from the underside of it. Bled a lot for a small scratch and really stung like I'd put something nasty on it.

Pretty happy with the end results (Bed and bedside for under $100) and now the room is all ready for my mum to stay in. She's flying down from Brisbane tonight to visit me :-)

Looks like the weather down here will be nice too, we're going to head east to visit some family and maybe head up to the snow (official ski season opening this weekend) just for the sake of it. Oh and my bedroom furniture will be delivered on Monday. Should be a good weekend :-)

Will try to keep my posts regular but Mum is with me til next Thursday and 3 hours after she leaves, SJ gets here. So I may be a little preoccupied...

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