Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Or not sleeping as the case seems to be. Since I dislocated my elbow I've had a lot of issues with my sleeping pattern. To begin with it was hard to get comfortable and I would frequently wake up during the night to change positions. Plus I was tired constantly.

Now my arm gives me minimal trouble. I still don't fall asleep easily (and never have) but I'm still waking up during the night. Generally at least twice, once around 3-4am and then again around 5

This morning was no different, I would have fallen asleep somewhere just before midnight and managed a few hours uninterrupted before waking for no reason at 3:30am. I usually try not to look at the clock (it's just depressing) had some water and fell back to sleep within about half an hour.

Then at 5:30 I woke up from a nightmare which left me pretty shaken. More than one of my usual bad dreams. Generally I dream of being chased or having to protect my family or not being able to find loved ones.

This one wasn't much different, there were bears, public toilets and cheetahs involved. I woke up though once my young recently deceased cousin made an appearance, I think I called out to her and woke myself up.

I was shaken up enough that my movement woke SJ who comforted me until he fell back asleep. I think it took me close to an hour, which sucked when my alarm was going off not long after. I ended up turning it off and sleeping in another half hour, skipping my morning shower (glad I washed my hair last night). Still feel tired today though.

I'm getting sick of it. Did a bit of reading today and have found that maybe I'm lacking in iron and/or calcium+magnesium. Guess it's time to start taking supplements to see if they help.

I'm even exercising again, lashing out on a personal trainer to kick start my efforts and managed a 2.5km run after work yesterday (yeah I know, I'm unfit). I'd have thought that would help.

Fingers crossed I sleep better tonight.

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