Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cooking Challenges

Still don't have time for a decent post (though this course isn't interesting yet) so I thought I would post another birthday present picture. One of my other sisters gave me the Adriano Zumbo cookbook. Nothing in the cookbook looks easy and there's no way I'd already have all the ingredients for any of them...but one day soon I'm going to challenge myself and make something incredible from the book. Deciding what to cook would be almost as hard as the recipes themselves!

Oh and I have three sisters, the youngest gave me a card and a poem telling me she was taking me shopping. It was very well done and she bought me a gorgeous dress which I may post about tomorrow :-)

On another note, SJ's parents are in town this week so things at home are interesting. Survived the first night okay, but they don't watch a lot of television which makes evenings a little more full on. Will post updates, if only to keep myself sane...

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