Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I love photos. Taking them, looking at them, editing with them, sharing them...so I think it's time I turned it into more a hobby.

I think a lot of people have a 'passion' for photography, there's something natural about wanting to capture moments and share experiences. I don't expect to do anything unique :-)

I bought a DSLR early in 2009 and really haven't used it as much as I'd like. I think the big reason behind that was the file size, my old laptop had an 80GB hard drive so it didn't take much to fill it. Knowing I couldn't easily upload and play with photos decreased my motivation for taking them.

Hopefully I've fixed that issue now. Last week I spent way too many hours merging files contained on two hard drives and my new (over a year old though) laptop. I reorganised all the folders, each now has a date and subject, and brought everything into Picasa (which I love). I've also used the face tagging feature for every photo and sorted faces (that took hours!) but now I have a clean slate to work with. Deleted a lot of photos of unimportant things too, so I only have 39,000 photos to deal with!

I'll be heading home this weekend and taking my camera with me, hopefully I'll find the motivation to happy snap. I don't have as many recent photos of family as I'd like and none of friends. Also very few of SJ and I together which is a little disappointing.

I had intended to take a lot of photos in Melbourne, being a new town and all...I've taken it out twice. I do have a tonne of photos of sunsets from my balcony though (as above).

Oh and I'm thinking of upgrading my phone. Currently using a Nokia E63 with a 2MP camera and might upgrade to a Nokia E6 with an 8MP one. I think my blog pictures would benefit...

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