Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Live-in Cook

My attempt to make myself loyalty post on Friday didn't work because I forgot about it. I'm good like that.

My intention for this post was to rave about how great SJ is at cooking, for a practical 'I can muster cows' kind of guy. He was taught to cook by his mum, so he knows all the country basics and cooks pastry from scratch when he makes pies and stuff (see lamb pie attached, the decorations are my only contribution). He also likes to make pasta and sausages (the relevant tools were presents from me).

Living in Melbourne so close to the markets will give him access to lots of fresh produce so he'll only be getting better too :-)

The best part isn't even the quality of the food (though I did start to fall for him after he made a risotto on a camping trip but that's another story), I'm not a huge fan of cooking and I love having someone to cook for me. Our relationship works because SJ loves having someone to cook for who shows 'appreciation' for his efforts :-)

As a result, I'm responsible for cleaning instead of cooking and that suits me fine. I'm a bit of an organiser and rather anal, so it's nice to have full control.

No cooking from SJ tonight though, I'm home in Brisbane for the day. Celebrating Father's Day and the last home game of the Broncos season (our star retired, was a big deal). Heading home early tomorrow and straight to work from the airport, won't be a nice start to the week. Let's hope something happens to make this week great :-)

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